New CNN Boss Plans To Halt Negative Coverage Of Fox News

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CNN has tasked incoming boss Chris Licht withunwoking the network. Licht’s responsibilities include dialing back CNN’s liberal opining and halting the network’s negative coverage of Fox News.

The Daily Beast reports that Licht is backchanneling with agents and reporters to make it known to Fox News management that he wants to work toward a ceasefire.

Licht hopes that by reining in the anti-Fox commentary on CNN, Fox News will tone back its criticisms of CNN in return. Notably, Greg Gutfeld frequently mocks CNN anchors on his late-night program and The Five.

CNN increased its coverage of Fox News during Donald Trump’s presidency, often equating Trump’s relationship with Fox to that of state-run media. And then once Trump left office, CNN turned to FNC as a replacement for him.

CNN has lacked an identity since Joe Biden took the White House. CNN needs a boogeyman. So initially, it chose to portray Tucker Carlson as America’s newest existential threat.

CNN’s coverage of Carlson extended well beyond its media reporters. Jim Acosta and Brianna Keilar often began their programs criticizing Carlson, covering him like a politician.

Carlson is the biggest star in cable news. He’s this era’s Bill O’Reilly. However, he’s not a president or even a congressman. Therefore, CNN’s creepy obsession with him didn’t resonate beyond social media reaction. Look at the ratings.

As I argued last week, it’s doubtful Licht can successfully re-establish CNN’s reputation as a credible news agency. To do so, CNN would have to fire those who undermine the network’s original reporting, such as Don Lemon and Jemele Hill. Firing them would spur baseless accusations of racist and sexist business practices, which cowardly media executives fear greatly.

Slashing the network’s coverage of Fox is a far easier task. In fact, the process is already underway. On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter did not mention Fox News a single time. Not once. If that’s ever happened before, no one can recall it. Not even Stelter.

If CNN focuses less on Fox News, then the future of Stelter and his sidekick Oliver Darcy at the network may also be in doubt. Darcy, in particular, is nothing without calling FNC hosts propagandists and liars. So don’t be surprised to see one or both of Zucker’s former minions end up at MSNBC or Media Matters at some point.

“We will double down on what’s working and quickly eliminate what’s not,” Licht told staffers in an introductory letter.

CNN’s aggressions toward Fox News weren’t working.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. The difference between CNN and the handful of sane media entities is that CNN thinks criticism of other outlets is “news” while the sane ones limit it to their opinion shows. CNN is 24/7 criticism of Fox, Trump, DeSantis and conservatives in general.

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