New Media Guy Oliver Darcy Is Worse Than Brian Stelter

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Brian Stelter is leaving CNN after the network canceled his Sunday program “Reliable Sources.” Stelter’s backup Oliver Darcy announced shortly after the news that he would stay to hold down the fort in Stelter’s place.

Darcy now leads the media division at CNN. That’s a rather unfortunate roadblock for new leadership’s plans to return to a formidable news agency.

Stelter has political leanings that show in his analysis. Darcy, meanwhile, pretends to have political leanings to further his career. Stelter is left-wing. Darcy plays left-wing. But that wasn’t always the case.

Before joining CNN, Darcy portrayed a staunch conservative pundit online. Conservative media groups considered him a “rising star.

In 2013, Red Alert Politics named Darcy among the top 30 right-leaning leaders under the age of 30. He began his career making videos mocking the liberal hypocrisy on college campuses and in the media. Darcy used to work for The Blaze, one of the leading conservative digital brands in the industry.

In 2016, he mainly focused on CNN pushing lies in favor of Democrats. But then a job to backup Stelter emerged at CNN, and Darcy underwent a character change.

Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy.

He’s now among the praetorian guard for the establishment media. He’s an ardent elitist, intolerable of conflicting opinions.

His schtick includes calling for censoring voices that run afoul of the messaging that the corporate press promotes. Darcy requested that Twitter put the “misinformation” label in the bios of Donald Trump and his supporters in 2020. Not their tweets, but their entire accounts.

He demands increased moderation of right-wing accounts. “Think of it as a version of NewsGuard for Twitter,” Darcy once said.

Of course, Darcy wouldn’t want misinformation policies to apply to his Twitter account:

Darcy vows to “hold powerful [media] people and institutions accountable” in Stelter’s place. But don’t expect him to apply this to the fellow left-leaning media agencies.

Darcy brands himself as a moderate media watchdog yet restrains from criticizing other establishment brands.

Understandably, Darcy has focused more on Fox News than CNN. CNN employs him, complicating his ability to cover the network objectively. However, he has had no reason to shill for MSNBC other than to preserve his status and schtick.

Darcy had no comment on MSNBC declaring that red states would allow more black people to die if they didn’t cook white people their steaks — whatever that means. He ignores segments such as  Joy Reid pushing a conspiracy theory tying Gov. Ron DeSantis to sex trafficking rings. 

Rather than holding MSNBC “accountable,” Darcy has defended the network.

Darcy called it “nonsensical” to compare MSNBC to right-leaning media because conservative outlets invent their own reality.

“To suggest there’s an equivalence between the two I think is not accurate and something we should really be careful to avoid,” Darcy said.

Here’s MSNBC staying in the realm of reality:

MSNBC Says It’s White Privilege to Worry About Inflation and Gas Prices

MSNBC Host Attacks Elon Musk, Calls Him ‘Bully’ When He Responds


MSNBC Host Declares Herself a ‘Fauci-Groupie’

Joy Reid: Red States Want Black People Alive to Make Steaks, and Want to Use N-Word

For those looking for Darcy’s condemnation of the New York Times and Washington Post for pushing the sham Russia hoax — stop. He didn’t mind that, either.

Again, Darcy is not an avowed liberal. He doesn’t have strong beliefs either way. Instead, he’s a grifter, a far greater mark on his credibility. There’s more respect for partisans than phonies.

Consider Oliver Darcy a less credible, less informed, less sourced, and less authentic version of Brian Stelter.

That’s the new face of CNN’s media beat.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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