Joy Reid, MSNBC Try to Connect Ron DeSantis to Sex Trafficking Ring

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While discussing the Justice Department’s investigation into whether Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) broke federal sex trafficking laws, Joy Reid, absent of evidence, tried hard to connect Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to the scandal.

Reid began by discussing an alleged trip to the Bahamas in 2018 involving Gaetz, Jason Pirozzolo, and Halsey Beshears. Because Gaetz was a top adviser to candidate DeSantis at the time, Reid insinuated to Glenn Kirschner that this scandal is “creeping” up on DeSantis.

“If you’re Ron DeSantis, does it feel like it’s creeping closer to you?” Reid said. “Because these are your friends, these are your allies.”

Instead of calling out Reid for disgraceful speculation, Kirschner instead took it a step further:

“You have to believe that DeSantis, I mean, these are his boys, these are his guys, right? We’ve seen the pictures, we’ve seen the stories,” Kirschner responds. “You have to believe that Ron DeSantis, if he has done anything wrong, feels like things are creeping closer and closer to him.”

This was a real conversation on a channel that draws millions of viewers per hour:

To, randomly yet strategically, tie anyone to a serious sex trafficking scandal is consequential and warrants a retraction. But good luck.

Reid, Kirschner, and MSNBC can claim they were just asking the question, but that’s a lie. This was a clear attempt to jumpstart a career-altering narrative around DeSantis.

Reid and Kirschner set out to do what 60 Minutes could not: bring down Ron DeSantis. DeSantis refused to obey COVID lockdown demands and his vindication is a threat to both Democrats and the media. Among the far-left’s current motivations, damaging DeSantis with fabricated storylines in time for 2024 ranks near the top.

Joy Reid hit a new low, which says something. Just last month, she said — again with no proof — that red states are only keeping black people alive so they can make white people steaks. Reid is a hateful person, who has been rewarded for conspiratorial commentary.

60 Minutes was exposed, but Joy Reid didn’t have any respect to lose.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. And this brings me to an important point….

    Most of your top level politicians have something like this hanging over their head…(not saying DeSantis does…but there was a lot of politicians on Esptein’s flight log). The reason they have this over their head is for extortion purposes if they don’t follow the oligarch line.

    • 100% correct, and this is why they do things that make no sense to the commoner. They’re not in politics for the people, they’re are a puppet to the oligarchs who have a much larger agenda. This is one of the reasons they outright lie to the people, and do 180’s once they get in to office.

  2. DeSantis needs to immediately file a lawsuit against her. Blatantly – and baselessly – insinuating on national television that someone is involved in a sex trafficking ring is surely defamation or liable. Deeds like this can’t keep going unpunished.

  3. I hope DeSantis files a Defamation of Character lawsuit on that bitch Reid. She’s as big of a racist as there is on national television. Keep talking Joy…….karma will back to you and you’ll eventually lose your job.

  4. They’re going to do whatever they can to try to bring him down. It’s shameful and despicable. I get so upset reading these articles on Outkick because nothing is being done to hold these people accountable. I just feel like we’re all agreeing but we’re powerless.

  5. leftists never stop proving the importance of the 2nd amendment with their lies. They never stop proving that no lies and no dishonesty and no deception is too much for them. they just keep coming with lies on top of lies on top of more lies. Glen Greenwald has been going off about how much the leftist media is colluding with corrupt CIA and FBI agents and it seems we might get to point of the country being saved only because of the 2nd amendment. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  6. Joy Reid may not be as “infamous” as “Maxine” – SheilaJackson-Lee – Al Sharpton – Jemele Hill – “The Squad” – etc. but she is every bit as certifiably insane.

    That she is provided a soap box to spew her deranged insanity is a sad commentary on how sick our nation has become.

  7. “They go low. We go high,” says Michelle Obama with a straight face. Did you see the obamas actually now have a production company called Higher Ground? I mean when you have to be that explicit, maybe you’re compensating for something?.. No tactics are off limits for these bigots.

  8. This continues to show how much the left fears DeSantis. A 60 Minutes hit piece, a YouTube pulled video, and now a slanderous insinuation by a race baiting hack at MSDNC. Unfortunately much more to come.

  9. This was one of the reasons Trump was awesome. We knew his dirt, and there was nothing they could hang on him. Also, he didn’t run in the political circles where so many of those clowns (twits built up by corporations) get set up so they’ll have the leverage over them.

  10. Desantis is super smart. he has already has described CBS as having malice and a blatent disregard of the truth.

    snakes like reid think that now all things are in the public and can be discussed even if totally false.

    this is a creepy legal strategy being used by a major news network. like a rat, they are chewing around the edges of slander against disantis.

    he has a wife and small children. they are chewing and chewing.

    the next news operation that does this in line with CBS and NBC, will get sued or worse.

    the left is very sick and black people on these networks are being used willingly as the tip of a spear. on purpose. blacks (and women) are being damaged in the public eye on these networks.

  11. I think it’s time to see what dirt’s out there on Reid and these other propaganda pushers for a change. Anyone with as little talent as that lady has some skeletons in the closet on her way to the top I can promise. Furthermore, there’s an established pattern of the left accusing everyone else of what THEY are doing, so wouldn’t hurt to check her house for kids with no identification. Anyone who smears another publicly better have a past as clean as an OR.

  12. Republicans need to start to fight dirty like the Dems. Every time they accuse you of some malfeasance or call you racist, throw those accusations right back at them, every time. For example, when they say that requiring photo ID to vote is racist, come right back at them by saying they’re racist for saying black people are too stupid to acquire ID.

  13. While agreeing 100% that Governor DeSantis needs to sue this baseless nag to the ground, let’s not forget her spewing accomplice in the ever-woke Kirschner, who probably doesn’t believe a word coming from his mouth.

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