Brian Kelly Refused To Answer Any Of Lou Holtz’s Letters While At Notre Dame

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Say it ain’t so, Lou!

Lou Holtz, Notre Dame’s legendary former coach, can’t seem to get any momentum going with Brian Kelly.

According to Holtz, before Kelly bolted for Baton Rouge, he refused to respond to any of Lou’s messages.

Nope. Not texts. Not emails. Not voicemails.

Actual mail!

“I wrote Brian Kelly maybe eight positive letters during his time at Notre Dame,” Holtz told the crowd during a dinner at Vestavia Hills Country Club (Alabama) last week.

“And I go to the mailbox every day hoping I’m going to find an answer. He never responded to one of them.”

Come on, Brian. That’s no way to treat the coach who led the program to a national title.

Lou Holtz
Lou Holtz couldn’t ever make any headway with Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Now, to be fair, there’s a decent chance Kelly never got any of the mail. Frankly, there’s also a chance the school doesn’t have mailbox or know what one is.

Who sends letters any more? When was the last time you walked to your mailbox and pulled out a real letter from someone you know and not just a postcard from the local car dealership giving you a fake check for your 2015 Kia Optima?

Holtz is 85, so we’ll give him a pass here. He’s just pumping out letters to Notre Dame and assuming they’re getting to Brian Kelly, and that’s fair. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all just sitting in a box at the post office collecting dust.

There’s also the chance that the folks at Notre Dame didn’t wanna bother Kelly with Holtz’s letters and pulled a Toby Flenderson and just threw them in some unmarked filing cabinet.

Regardless, Holtz said he doesn’t hold any ill will toward the coach, who brought his spot-on southern accent to LSU after last season.

He just reckons they come from two different eras.

“That’s his choice,” Holtz continued. “I answered every letter that came in to Notre Dame. When you get a nasty letter you say, ‘Dear Jim, just thought you should know some idiot is writing this letter and signing your name and hurting your reputation.’ I’d find out who it is and put a stop to it. But Brian Kelly didn’t believe in that.”



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