Braves Mascot Obliterates Little Kids During Halftime Of The Falcons/Jaguars Game

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Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper taught a group of young kids a very valuable lesson during the Jaguars/Falcons game.

In the era of handouts and participation trophies, kids have started to learn that nothing comes hard in life. Well, Blooper did a little educating for the children during halftime Saturday when a youth team was scrimmaging.

He unleashed some stiff arms that absolutely demolished the tiny children attempting to tackle him. Feast your eyes on an automatic first ballot hall of fame video below.

Football is a tough sport. It’s not easy. It’s an absolute war in the trenches and in the open field. Blooper – a baseball mascot – understood that better than the kids on the field.

They probably thought this was a great chance to get on the field at Mercedes Benz Stadium and have some fun.

Braves mascot crushes little kids during halftime of the Falcons/Jaguars game. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Wrong. There’s no such thing as a casual game of football. If you get on the field, you better be ready to lay it all on the line.

Blooper was dropping bodies out there like he was making a Heisman statement. Seriously, look at how airborne this kid got after getting jacked up by the Braves mascot.

Blooper shows no mercy to kids during halftime performance of the Jaguars/Falcons game. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Football is a game of inches, and if you’re not willing to die for that inch, you’re going to lose. In this case, there wasn’t a force on Earth keeping Blooper out of the end zone, and he made that crystal clear as he ran through those children like a freight train.

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