Mom’s Tackling Their Sons Is Wholesome Content This Country Can Rally Behind

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Wait until Roger Goodell gets a good look at the helmet-to-helmet collisions out of Mom’s Night at Washington High School (IL) where moms had the opportunity to form tackle their boys after practice.

Hey moms, hope you have some extra money laying around because Roger’s going to be issuing fines for some of the hits seen in video shot by WMBD’s Kurt Pegler who was rolling as moms unleashed their best Brian Urlacher impersonations.

The typical mom night consists of learning about equipment and the game that their boys play. Not at Washington. You also get to light up your kids.


A quick Twitter search reveals they’ve been doing this at Washington for at least a few years

I’ll guarantee Goodell didn’t laugh. Did you see how some of those moms were clearly head-hunting their own boys? Get ’em Roger!

All joking aside about Goodell taking hitting out of the NFL, the Panthers are coming off an 8-4 season and open the 2022 schedule on September 2 against Highland.

Take notes, football coaches. Washington hasn’t had a losing record since 2006-07. They’re doing something right over there, including Mom’s Night tackling drills. It might be time to implement your own version of this.

Just don’t tag Goodell in the viral video.

Hey ladies, you think this is funny? Wait until Roger unleashes his NFL rules violation team on you. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

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