Blue Jays Fan Drops Phone While Trying To Catch Ball From Kevin Kiermaier

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A Toronto Blue Jays fan got a little overeager to catch a ball thrown into the stands by Kevin Kiermaier and accidentally threw his phone back in return.

It happened on Wednesday night with eh Blue Jays working the Houston Astors to Rogers Centre.

After catching a flyball to end the top of the third inning, Kiermaier lobbed the ball into the stands. One fan reaching for the cheap souvenir inadvertently launched their phone onto the field.

A ballboy retrieved the phone and threw it back, though not before razzing the fan who dropped it.

Man, that’s embarrassing but I can see how it happens. You’re texting some chick or perusing Twitter or trying to win an eBay auction when all of a sudden you see a chance to experience one of life’s great joys: getting a ball at an MLB game.

Sure, most of us would probably prefer to barehand a liner into the stands and then valiantly hand it to the kid sitting behind you (or keeping it for yourself), but getting one from a player is cool too.

But when the hand you usually catch stuff with is holding onto a phone, you might reflexively reach for the ball while inadvertently shot-putting your Google Pixel onto the warning track.

It could have happened to any of us, but unfortunately, it happened to that guy.

At least he got the ball back, and hopefully not a reprimand from stadium security about not throwing things onto the field.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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