Blockbuster’s Website Looks To Be Active Again, Is It Coming Back From The Dead?

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Cue the Undertaker’s theme song, because there’s a chance that the re-animated corpse of Blockbuster could soon be making a comeback.

Everyone knows the tale of how the once-dominant movie retail chain went the way of the dodo when Netflix and other streamers began delivering the goods straight to your home. The promise of no late fees and not having to wear pants to get a movie for the evening was too much to take for the once mighty chain.

However, after being dormant for over a decade, there are signs of life from Blockbuster’s old website.

Now, I’m not sure who has been checking in on Blockbuster’s official website all these years, but someone was and alerted the masses.

If you head over to the company’s old online stomping grounds at, you’ll be greeted with a blue and yellow screen and the company logo. Accompanying that will be one of two slogans. On desktops, it says “We are working on rewinding your movie,” while viewing the site on mobile will give you “Please be kind while we rewind.”

What does it all mean? Could the Blockbuster be coming back from the dead in an attempt to quench millennial consumers’ insatiable thirst for nostalgia?

Uh… maybe?

Streaming killed Blockbuster last time, but could it return from the dead? (Getty Images)

There’s No WayBlockbuster As We Knew It Returns

As it turns out, Dish Network currently owns franchise agreements with the bankrupt brand. That includes the Netflix series called Blockbuster, plus merchandising, and stuff like that.

I love the idea of Blockbuster coming back as much as anyone who grew up in the ’90s or early ’00s, but come on, there’s no way brick-and-mortar Blockbusters are coming back. If they tried, the novelty factor would wear off so fast and you’d be like and they’d go right back to shuttering every Blockbuster save for the one in Bend, Oregon everyone says they want to go visit but then never does.

What else are you going to do in Bend, Oregon after you hit up Blockbuster aside from hitting one of the city’s 22 breweries, skiing down Mt. Bachelor, or hiking around Newberry National Volcanic Monument (okay, actually Bend, Oregon sounds pretty sweet).

I think there’s definitely something happening in the Blockbuster camp, but it’ll be a new look for the iconic brand. Maybe, they’ll try a Blockbuster-branded streaming service (again) or something along those lines.

That would be cool. One where you see a movie you want to watch, then click on it only to be told “sorry someone else is watching that one.” It’d bring arguably the biggest part of the Blockbuster experience to a new generation.

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