Blockbuster Sees Massive Sales Spike After Awesome Super Bowl Ad

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The last remaining Blockbuster in America saw a significant sales spike after a creative Super Bowl ad.

Once upon a time, Blockbuster dominated the rental business in America. It appeared to be an unstoppable force. However, streaming delivered a shot to the jugular, and now, there’s just one Blockbuster left.

Streaming destroyed Blockbuster. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

If you want to enter a store with the famous yellow and blue logo, you’ll have to travel to Bend, Oregon. The store released a fun Super Bowl ad on YouTube titled, “Blockbuster: Until The Bitter End,” and it makes it clear the store in Bend isn’t going anywhere.

Well, it apparently worked because sales are up in a huge way. The store saw its merch sales double Monday after the video generated some attention, according to TMZ.

Blockbuster represents an era that is dead.

There was a time where going to a Blockbuster on a Friday night was considered a regular activity for countless families.

You’d walk into the store, look over all the DVD/VHS options, pray the new release you wanted wasn’t already all rented out, pick your option and then maybe grab some snacks.

Picking a movie was half the fun. You had to scour the walls, debate with your siblings about what would be chosen and go from there.

Blockbuster used to be a powerhouse rental company. Now, there’s just one store left. (Photo by ANDREW MARSZAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Then, streaming absolutely obliterated Blockbuster and just about every other brick and mortar rental store. Why drive to the store to rent a DVD when I can just stream it without leaving my house? It’s way more convenient.

Now, there’s just one Blockbuster left, and it’s clinging onto remaining open until the bitter end. You truly have to respect the hustle. Nobody cares about Blockbuster anymore. It’s a punchline at this point, but there’s still one store. For nostalgic purposes alone, it’s worth keeping open.

Streaming destroyed Blockbuster’s business. (Photo credit should read ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Hopefully, the increased merch sales help the store in Bend, Oregon continue to be the final holdout.

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