Black Pastor Crucifies School Over Diversity & Inclusion Agenda: ‘Grooming Children To Be The Next Pervert’

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A pastor in Wake County, North Carolina, is going viral for taking the local school district to the woodshed over its recent diversity efforts.

Pastor John Amanchukwu, who is Black, stepped to the podium at a school board meeting earlier this week and spent the next three minutes crucifying the district – which is located in North Carolina’s most populous county – for focusing more on the school’s new “diversity office” and less on the actual education of children.

“This past year, we spent $1 million on a ‘diversity office,’ and how did that benefit Black children?” he asks. “How did it benefit children in general? Well, 78% of children in 3rd-8th grade, Black students, are not proficient in math in Wake County.

“We’re wasting taxpayer dollars putting money towards this diversity office that’s not benefitting those who need it the most.”

Wale County pastor John Amanchukwu goes viral for epic rant against school for diversity agenda.
Pastor John Amanchukwu, who is Black, stepped to the podium at a Wake County school board meeting and spent the next three minutes crucifying the district over it’s diversity agenda.

Wake County pastor calls out school district for diversity efforts

Amanchukwu, a youth pastor at the The Church of God in Christ (COGIC), then added that 66% of those students aren’t proficient in reading before staring down the crowd and handing out more truth-bombs.

“They’re not reading on grade-level, they’re not performing mathematically and they’re not going to be able to get jobs in fields like S.T.E.M,” he continued, “but we’re wasting money on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office while we are failing Black students in the name of diversity.”

If that didn’t quite drive his point home, Amanchukwu then likened the district’s misguided efforts to the old Jim Crow era.

“In the Jim Crow era, Black students were locked out of the public school system,” he said. “Today, they are trapped in.”

Translation: stop using Black children as a way to check a box and instead focus on their education.

Unfortunately, it’s a crazy idea in the year 2022.

Pastor John Amanchukwu accuses school system of ‘cultural Marxism’

Amanchukwu ends his epic rant by questioning how the district’s inclusion efforts benefit grade-school children.

“As we talk about inclusion, and making sure the trans-student feels comfortable, and the queer student feels comfortable, what does that have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic?” he poignantly asks. “As we are teaching cultural Marxism, and grooming children to be the next pervert, we are damaging our kids in this public school system.

“And it needs to stop.”

Here’s the full video:

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  1. And…..What is the good pastor and the black voters (which historically vote 90%+ Democrat) in Wake County gonna do about it? Hmm? Continue to vote D and watch the prevalent rot and decay continue in our public schools?
    If Pastor Amanchukwu had looked at the camera and the audience and said “vote Republican to stop this mess” then I would have taken note. Otherwise, he is simply stating the obvious. God bless him for standing up there and saying it, but without action it is meaningless.

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