Tomi Lahren’s Plea For Anti-Grooming Laws To Protect Our Children

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Last week, Tomi Lahren exposes Vanderbilt Hospital for denying a transplant to a 6-month-old baby due to his vaccination status, and she said there is more exposing to be done.

“Turns out Vanderbilt not only sponsors drag shows for all ages but quietly implemented a doctrine which allows children as young as 13 to receive information on gender transition without parental knowledge or consent — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Tomi said. “I think adults, whatever adults want to do with their body, whatever. You know, this is not an anti-LGBTQ thing. This is not an anti-trans thing. This is saying, should children be exposed to this? Should children have this gender dysmorphia, all these things, and be pushed upon them and almost seem like it’s in vogue?”

It’s called the “Mature Minor Doctrine” and its accompanying consent form allows kids as young as 13 to receive information from doctors who practice gender transition.

Tomi Lahren begs the question: What happened to “parental consent?” Watch:

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