Black Man Shoots White Girl After Ball Rolls Over In His Yard. Will Joe Biden Invite Her To White House?

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Wednesday, we compared the eerily similar shootings of Kaylin Gillis and Ralph Yarl. Both were shot after mistakenly entering the wrong location.

Now, we learn of a case involving a little girl in North Carolina.

Kinsley White is 6 years old. Her ball rolled over into her neighbor’s yard, where Robert Louis Singletary responded by shooting her and her parents.

The attack left the girl with bullet fragments in her cheek. The man remains on the run.

“Police were searching for Singletary as of Thursday afternoon after he allegedly fired at a group of kids playing basketball in his neighborhood, including Kinsley, who was struck by a bullet fragment on her cheek,” details the New York Post.

Kinsley White is white. Her shooter is black.

To recap, in the past week:

— A white man shot a black kid (Ralph Yarl) after he mistakenly rang the wrong doorbell.

— A white man shot and killed a white woman (Kaylin Gillis) after she and three others accidentally turned into the wrong driveway in New York.

— A black man shot a white girl (Kinsley White) and her parents after her ball rolled into his yard.

Robert Louis Singletary and  Kinsley White, via

Each victim found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet only one incident has received national attention: Ralph Yarl’s.

Only one shooting has drawn sympathy and an invitation to the White House from Joe Biden: Ralph Yarl’s.

Only one of the shootings is useful as a means to further stoke racial animosity in American society: Ralph Yarl’s.

The three shootings establish how the press and politicians view tragedy through a racial lens.

The Left cannot weaponize a black person shooting a little white girl, or a white person shooting a white woman. But a white man shooting a black person is the type of fodder in demand.

Hence the following headlines:

“Ralph Yarl case highlights ‘adultification’ of Black children,” writes ABC.

“Recovery of Black teen allegedly shot by White homeowner after ringing wrong doorbell is a miracle, attorney says,” writes CNN.

“Homeowner who shot Black teen Ralph Yarl pleads not guilty,” writes the AP.

The races of a shooter and a victim matter only when the former is white and the latter is black.

That’s not anecdotal.

A Free Beacon study researched how frequently outlets cite race in shootings where race is not a known factor. The study surveyed articles from Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis.

The report revealed that leading U.S. newspapers are more likely to mention the race of a white shooter than a black shooter at a seven-to-one ratio.

(Seven to one!)

As we explained in a recent column, much rides on the hypothesis that white supremacy plagues American society.

Thereby it’s no wonder the press and Democrats actively seek to recreate the fumes George Floyd’s death inflamed. They are desperate. The demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply.

Desperation shows indifference to the facts. And facts supporting claims that the incidents involving George Floyd and Ralph Yarl were racially motivated remain at large.

There’s just as much proof the black neighbor shot Kinsley White out of racism: none.

The corporate press and politicians weaponize the races of black victims to their political advantage. And for the same reason, they have little interest in white victims unless their attacks can contribute to a battle over gun laws with the GOP.

So, don’t expect Joe Biden to invite Kinsley White and her parents to the White House as they recover from being shot.

Written by Bobby Burack

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