Bills-Browns Game In Jeopardy Thanks To Heavy Snow In Buffalo

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Few things on this planet can stop Bills Mafia from doing what Bills Mafia does, but one of those things could be a giant snowstorm.

A whole lot of lake effect snow is supposed to roll into the area off Lake Erie and could drop anywhere from 3 to 4 feet of snow on the area.

“This will be the start of a prolonged lake-effect snow event which will likely include paralyzing snowfall for the Buffalo and Watertown areas late this week through the weekend,” the National Weather Service office in Buffalo wrote.

The NWS singles out Thursday into Friday as especially brutal. They describe the snow that’ll pelt western New York as “crippling.”

Fans of the Buffalo Bills might have to endure blizzard conditions to watch their team play Sunday. (Getty Images)

Do you have any idea how bad snow has to be to “cripple” western New York? We’re not talking about Atlanta which can get shut down for three days because of a heavy frost.

Browns-Bills Could Be Impacted By Snow In Buffalo

The snow, which could fall at an inch-per-hour rate, could run right through the Bills’ scheduled 1 p.m. ET kickoff. Coincidentally, they’ll be hosting the Cleveland Browns, another team that would have a thorough understanding of what lake effect snow.

It’s not just the copious amounts of the white stuff that could affect the game. The forecast is also calling for high winds. And there’s even a chance of thundersnow.

What’s thundersnow?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it gets Jim Cantore going…

The Bills probably want as few variables thrown into this weekend’s game as possible. They’re coming off of a pair of back-to-back losses against the Jets and Vikings.

Plus, the Bills are scheduled to play the Lions in Detroit on Thanksgiving. That means rescheduling the game for Monday or Tuesday will give them an even shorter week than they already had.

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