Guy Goes On A Corn Dog Run For His Wife In The Middle Of A Snowstorm

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There’s a very good chance you’ve been in the same situation as Tom Cavins was this week as a snowstorm took aim at suburban St. Louis. The snow started coming down, and the cravings kicked in. Tom’s wife, Megan, started craving corn dogs, and Tom knew what that meant. He threw on his work boots and clocked in.

The ball was in the air. The puck had been dropped. The opening kickoff was on its way. It was time to perform. What time is it? Game time! I said, “What time is it?” “GAME TIME!”

There’s not much a married man likes more than the feeling of being a warrior during a snowstorm. This is why man packs on pounds from Halloween through Christmas. Extra layer engaged! Snow blowing the family out of danger. Man vs. Old Man Winter. Trudging miles upon miles for corn dogs like he’s on an Inuit polar bear hunt to feed his family. Tom made it to the grocery store just as a local TV station was setting up for i-Team coverage and needed a comment.

Enter Tom.

Now before the angry men out there start destroying Megan for her cravings, she needs to clarify what you’re hearing on the news.

“We live just outside of St. Louis and we had a huge snowstorm hit yesterday. I told my husband That corndogs sound delicious and he, being the loving husband that he is, went down to the grocery store to get me some corndogs. The local news was there, and this is what my husband had to say about what he was doing there… I can’t stop laughing,” Megan wrote on YouTube.

“Also, he didn’t ‘REALLY’ risk his life for corndogs. We live about a minute from the grocery store, which is why he decided it was ok to go out. Snow like this isn’t normal in our area, but there was a huge snowstorm across most of the country. I just have an awesome husband 😂.(.)”

And there you go, another story of guys being guys. Some of you ladies out there might think we’re morons who just want to crush beers and watch football — you’d be right — but many of us are loyal to the core and are willing to leave it all on the court for corn dogs.

Posted by Megan Cavins on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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