Bikini Cowgirl Claps Back At Haters Who Say She’s An Inbred

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Storm Hogan, known as the Bikini Cowgirl on TikTok, is clapping back at a couple of online haters who accused her of looking “a little inbred.”

Guess what, Charlie? Shut your mouth and stay in your lane. There’s no place for that here!

“You don’t say things like that,” the Aussie TikTok star said in a now-viral video. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you just don’t say s–t at all. And you don’t know what people have been through that day so that [comment] could just be something that sends them over the edge.

“So if you don’t have anything nice to say, just shut your mouth. Alright?”


Replying to @Charlie not cool mate i hope you feel like great person for saying that 🙄👏🏼#bullyingawareness

♬ original sound – Storm🃏⚡️🌵

Storm Hogan, AKA Bikini Cowgirl, is the next barrel racing influencer star

Taking a page right out of my mom’s handbook. Love it.

Hogan has burst onto the influencer scene as of late, amassing nearly 100,000 followers on TikTok and another 14,000 on Instagram. I guess we’d put her in the Farming category as far as social media influencers go, because most of her posts give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at life in rural Australia.

“I am a barrel racer and a track rider, I also train and break horses as well and I’m from Victoria but I moved out of Victoria to South Australia,” she said in a recent video.

Barrel racing! Maybe Storm here now falls into the newly formed Barrel Racer influencer category? I don’t know, I’ll have to check with OutKick Culture Department head Joe Kinsey on that one.

Storm Hogan, AKA Bikini Cowgirl on TikTok.
Bikini Cowgirl Storm Hogan claps back at TikTok troll.

Anyway, back to the troll who accused her of looking “a little inbred.” Buddy, what are we looking at here? What am I missing?

I know I’m from the south, but I’ve gotta level with you … if Bikini Cowgirl Storm Hogan looks like an inbred, I guess that’s now the standard? Count me in. We should all strive to be inbred, I reckon.

Honestly, that’s not even the weirdest thing to say in 2023. Not even close.

Love this little haymaker at the end from Storm, too. Nothing pisses trolls off more than pulling out the “you’re behind a screen” card. No coming back from that.

You’re behind a screen. It’s a bit gutless, don’t you think? Bit wrong. And yeah, that’s just disgusting mate.

Keep doing you, Storm! And for the love of God, get some new jeans!

Written by Zach Dean

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