Harriet Moss Named World’s No. 1 Ranked Farming Influencer

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In a stunning development out of the OutKick Culture Department, Australian Harriett Moss has been named the World’s No. 1 Ranked Farming Influencer, which is sure to send shockwaves through the U.S. agriculture world.

When you combine Moss’ prowess on TikTok, combined with her strong Instagram performance and commitment to keeping the algorithm fueled with content, this Irwin, Western Australia native has all the intangibles to dominate the farming influencing game until the seasons change Down Under.

Harriet Moss now holds the most prestigious farming-influencing title on the Internet. / TikTok / Instagram

(Remember, winter in Australia is from June-August. This title could change hands multiple times over the next 5-6 months.)

On TikTok, Moss has gained a huge following via videos from the cab of her John Deere, which typically pulls a speed tiller. “All I wanted to do today is go out and get a cheeky little tan,” Moss mouthed on a recent Tok where she’s working the land.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and it caused quite a debate amongst the OutKick Culture Department: Does Harriet actually work the land or is she one of those Instagram models who stands next to a Deere, takes a few bikini photos and then scams the farming community into thinking she’s a farming influencer.

Moss actually works the land. I watched the videos. Put me on the witness stand. She’s turning over dirt in TikToks. She feeds the cows. She works from sun up to sun down. Yes, I checked the sun angle based on fall and winter in Australia.

That is just how seriously we take this job within the Culture Department. We don’t just name women the World’s No. 1 Ranked Influencer without doing a deep dive into her commitment to the game.

Moss is all in here.

She’s posted hundreds of #FarmToks.

She’s posted dozens of IGs where she’s in her Deere doing work.

Look, ladies, the farm-influencing genre is going to be a heated competition. The agro-influencing world is a money-making world, especially based on NIL deals and appearance fees at farming conventions.

Let’s have a battle here. Who wants to dethrone Moss? Who out there is doing the game better? The OutKick Culture Department is all ears.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.

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