The Big 12 Might Be Targeting Memphis: REPORT

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The Big 12 might have its sights set on the Memphis Tigers.

Memphis was one of the programs the Big 12 did due diligence on before ultimately deciding to skip the Tigers in favor of UCF, Cincy, Houston and BYU.

All four of those programs will play their first season in the Big 12 this upcoming season. While Memphis, who is in the AAC, was initially passed over, the situation and calculus has changed as realignment and expansion continues to unfold across college sports.

The Big 12 is believed to be deep in talks with Colorado and is hopeful to poach some PAC-12 teams. If that fails, several G5 teams, such as SDSU and UConn, could be on the conference’s radar.

Memphis reportedly is also in the mix, according to the Daily Memphian. Adding Memphis would give the Big 12 a presence in Tennessee and another team in the southern region of the country.

Will Memphis join the Big 12? (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will the Big 12 add the Memphis Tigers?

The reality of the situation is pretty simple. The Big 12’s top priority is stealing Colorado and as many other programs from the PAC-12 as possible.

Adding other P5 teams is the main goal for the Big 12. The dream scenario is stealing Colorado, Arizona State, Arizona and Utah.

Will that happen? Nobody knows, and anyone in the media claiming they do is likely lying.

If all those options fail, the Big 12 will then pivot to G5 programs. Memphis, San Diego State, UConn and UNLV have all been mentioned as possible new members.

Memphis is a large program with serious name recognition and allows the Big 12 to get into a state it’s not already in. While it was passed over during the last round of expansion, it might not be a bad option if the P5 programs are off the table.

Will Memphis join the Big 12? (Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There should be some solid movement on the future sooner than later. Will Memphis stay in the AAC or jump to the Big 12? Stay tuned to find out how everything shakes out!

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