Talks Between Colorado And The Big 12 Are Underway: REPORT

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The Big 12 and Colorado are kicking the tires on possibly making a huge move.

Smoke has been swirling for weeks that the Buffaloes might jump ship from the PAC-12 to the Big 12 amid nonstop media rights chaos with the west coast conference.

Colorado’s AD Rick George sent speculation into overdrive when he didn’t rule out leaving the PAC-12.

“We’re members of the Pac-12, we’re proud members of the Pac-12 and we’ve got to see where our media rights deal lands and where our conference goes. In a perfect world, we’d love to be in the Pac-12, but we also have to do what’s right for Colorado at the end of the day. We’ll evaluate things as we move forward,” George told BuffZone last week.

Colorado and the Big 12 are having talks about the future.

Now, it appears Colorado is doing its due diligence on possibly making a move. CBS Sports reported the two sides have been having “substantive” talks about a possible move.

CBS Sports described the Buffaloes ad doing their “due diligence to determine whether to return” to the Big 12 or stay in the PAC-12. The report also claims a move to the Big 12 wouldn’t happen without Deion Sanders‘ being heavily involved.

It’s the clearest sign fans have had so far that the PAC-12 could be in massive trouble.

Will Colorado return to the Big 12? (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Everyone in the PAC-12 fears the first domino falling.

The biggest issue for the PAC-12 is that once one team flees, it could set off a domino effect that can’t be stopped.

It’s still unclear if that will happen, but the threshold to be worried was crossed a long time ago. Oregon and Washington believe spots might be waiting for them in the B1G, Colorado reportedly is engaged in talks with the Big 12 and once one team leaves, the rush for the lifeboats could be on.

It’s amazing how last year, George Kliavkoff tried to convince everyone the PAC-12 was strong and in control. Now, it feels like a government in a failing state that is on the brink. A coup might be underway and people are fleeing for the borders.

All eyes are on Colorado’s future plans. (Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The situation is unbelievably fragile, and without a new media deal, Colorado has apparently decided it’s time to look at all options. Prepare for absolute hell to break loose if the Buffaloes do return to the Big 12. Things could fall apart overnight in the PAC-12.

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