Bettor Put Insane Money On Fairleigh Dickinson to Beat Purdue And Is Now A King

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Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe we all should’ve jumped on the Fairleigh Dickinson wagon before it took off like a rocket ship Friday night?

One brave soul took the leap ahead of time, placed $33,000 bucks on FDU to upset Purdue, and casually woke up this morning with $495,000 in his or her bank account.

Not a terrible way to start the holiday weekend!

Fairleigh Dickinson nets gambler $500,000

My goodness. What guts! What a rush.

Now, anyone who places that kind of money on a 16 seed to beat a top seed clearly doesn’t blink and probably doesn’t even bat an eye at an extra $500K in their account.

That being said, there’s sprinkling a little cash on an underdog, and then there’s putting all your chips on the table and going for it. Love the move. Love the balls on this person.

Fairleigh Dickinson.
Fairleigh Dickinson makes one gambler very, very rich.

This news went viral Saturday morning, and everyone was obviously a little skeptical. Rightfully so.

This cat makes a pretty good point, for what it’s worth.

Following up a $50 bet with a $33,000 wager? Seems a little suspect to me, if we’re being honest.

Maybe it was a typo? Did this person mean to bet $33 on Fairleigh Dickinson, go a little too hard on the St. Patty’s day partying and accidentally add a couple zeroes?

Could you imagine? If I accidentally dropped that kind of money on that sort of longshot, I think I’d pass out. No shot I could watch the actual game. I get nervous with my $20 bets. I’d be inconsolable in this spot.

But, all’s well that ends well, regardless of how they got there. DraftKings confirmed the bet, confirmed the payout, and this anonymous person is having him or herself a DAY today.

Written by Zach Dean

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