BareKnuckle Legend Tai Emery Ready To Flash Crowd Tonight Despite Looming Fine

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If you’re feeling lucky on this Saturday night, maybe tune into the co-main event of BKFC Thailand 4, because OutKick legend Tai Emery will be front and center … in more ways than one.

Emery, staring down a mammoth fine, could bare all once again – just months after getting a slap on the wrist for flashing the crowd after a knockout victory in her BKFC debut.

“I will be in trouble. I will be fined,” Emery told TMZ. “The last I heard was half a million to a million baht [Thailand currency], so I don’t know what that conversion is in U.S. dollars, but yeah, I have 100 percent been warned and told it’s a no-no.”

Tai Emery's Boob Flash Increased OnlyFans Traffic 6,000%
Tai Emery can’t stop herself from lifting her shirt.

Tai Emery may flash her chest again despite fine

For those who unfortunately missed it, Emery lifted her shirt earlier this year after a clutch win. She was fined, but the payoff was worth it after she revealed an over 6,000 percent increase to her OnlyFans in the following months.

Emery, an Australian native, is set to fight Po Denman Saturday night in her return to the ring.

The 35-year-old risk-taker didn’t exactly shoot down a possible repeat, despite the fact that one million baht comes out to just under $29,000.

“It’s fine, but I can’t control myself in moments like that,” she said. “Everything else just takes over. I think I really prove the point that I deserve to be in the big league. So yeah, 100 percent, this one is about stamping and showing people I’m not here to play.

“I’m here to party and party with fists.”

Party on, Emery!

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