Australian Influencer Drops $1,300 To Join The Mile High Club

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There’s no need to sneak off into the bathroom of a commercial flight in order to join the mile high club. There are services out there more than willing to help you become a member. For a price of course.

Australian influencer Caitlyn Rose showed off one such service during a recent visit to Las Vegas. She took to TikTok to give a behind-the-scenes look at her “perfect date night” with her boyfriend.

The couple dropped $1,300 for their mile high club experience. For that amount of money you get 45 minutes aboard a twin engine Cessna 414 provided by Love Cloud.

In the clip, Caitlyn shows the bed that is setup in the back of the plane between a few seats as well as herself setting up a camera. The couple had to capture their mile high deed after all. That OnlyFans content isn’t going to record itself.

The clip, which has more than 7.7 million views, ends with the couple receiving their mile high club certification from the pilot. That makes it official.

As Caitlyn takes you through the parts of the date night that don’t involve the actual act of joining the mile high club, the text overlay reads: “We found a plane for the mile high deed. It’s called the Love Cloud.”

“We captured out memories. It’s the perfect date night.”

For anyone worried about the pilot being able to hear what’s going on, where’s your sense of adventure? Also, according to Love Cloud there is a secured curtain between the pilot and all that is going down behind them.

If that secured curtain isn’t enough you’ll be happy to know that the pilots are equipped with noise canceling headsets. Caitlyn confirmed this in a follow-up video.

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She said, “Don’t worry, the pilots cannot hear you. Sit back and enjoy or record your memories for fun like we did.”


Replying to @Dailey life they cant see or hear you #milehigh #lovecloudvegas

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That’s some great advice, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Caitlyn Rose is more than an influencer and OnlyFans model. She knows a thing or two about how to navigate her way through what might be difficult situations for others.

She’s the same Australian influencer who was kicked out of a family vacation by a member of her boyfriend’s family. All for wearing bikinis following a boob job.

That hasn’t kept her from wearing bikinis. The possibility that a pilot might try to listen in or take a peak at her joining the mile high club didn’t keep her from living her life either.

Just sit back and enjoy or record your memories for fun.

Written by Sean Joseph

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