Couple Caught Possibly Joining The Mile High Club By Fellow Passenger

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The opportunity to join the mile high club can be too enticing for some people to pass up. Even on a plane with other passengers, some will risk being caught just to be able to say that they’re a member of the club.

A couple on a recent flight were apparently some of those who couldn’t pass up the opportunity. As a result they were caught in a viral video by a fellow passenger in what looks like the aftermath of joining the club.

The passenger, sitting near the bathroom, either noticed that the man and woman had entered the plane’s bathroom together or heard some noises coming from the small room.

So he did what anyone these days would do, he pulled out his phone. He then started recording and waited for the two to make their exit. Sure enough he caught the two possible new members of the mile high club as they, one-by-one, return to their seats.

The woman exist first, and as she does so, the man can be seen smiling behind her while helping her close the door. She’s all business as she slips out of the door and makes her way back to her seat.

A little while later, the man opens the bathroom door so that he too can return to his seat. As he’s walking out a slight smirk can be seen on his face. He then gives a nearby passenger a knowing eyebrow raise that all but confirms their suspicions.

Mile High Club Or Not These Two Have Some Explaining To Do

Now we’ll likely never know for certain if these two were in the bathroom at the same time to join the mile high club or if one of them requires a bathroom buddy.

What we do know is that whatever was going on grabbed the attention of the passenger who then started recording.

His reactions, along with the text overlay on the clip that reads “Couple caught out joining mile high club,” make it clear what he thought was going on in the bathroom.

Written by Sean Joseph

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