Asking Questions About Transgender Athletes In Cycling Is Apparently ‘Dehumanizing’ Now

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USA Cycling sending out a survey on transgender athletes competing against women is apparently “dehumanizing” now, according to criticism.

Earlier this month, USA Cycling sent out a survey on transgender eligibility regulations from the world governing body, UCI, to its members.

UCI announced on May 4th that it would begin “a process of re-evaluating its current eligibility regulations for transgender athletes. As part of this work, it will consult with National Federations such as USA Cycling.”

According to, the survey asked questions such as, “At UCI events, transgender women should be eligible to compete in the women’s category regardless of when they transitioned.”

Another question asked, “At UCI events, transgender women should be eligible to compete in the women’s category if they transitioned before puberty.”

transgender cyclist Austin Killips
Belgian Marion Norbert Riberolle, Dutch Denise Betsema and American Austin Killips pictured on the podium after the women’s elite race of the ‘Kasteelcross’ cyclocross cycling event, race 7/8 in the ‘Exact Cross’ competition, Saturday 21 January 2023 in Zonnebeke. (Photo by DAVID PINTENS/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

In case there was any doubt where’s editorial positions lie, they then phrased the questions as if they were a “threat.”

And that participation in sports is “life-saving,” so these questions are “terrifying” for trans athletes.

“It all feels very, very demeaning,” the article read. “Like there’s a threat behind each question. And there is. Participation in sport and in community is life-saving, especially for vulnerable populations, so being banned from participation is automatically life-threatening. To open this kind of decision making up to the masses can only feel terrifying for trans athletes.”

Transgender Athletes Threatened By Questions?

If you’re wondering how it’s possible for a survey to be “terrifying” or “life-threatening,” you’re not alone.

It’s a completely legitimate line of questioning, especially considering rapidly increasing frustration among female competitors.

After one recent race, female athletes abandoned the podium after a biological male finished in first.


transgender cyclist
(Instagram: @lesley.j.mumford)

According to woke cyclists though, asking if it’s fair for females to compete against males is akin to violence?

In perhaps the best indication of just how outrageous progressive activism has become, one prominent individual made an absurd comparison.

Randy Locklair, former USAC membership director, claimed that the organization’s survey “is going to get someone killed.”

If that wasn’t hyperbolic enough, he then explained that the “survey questions are equivalent to asking your membership if Black folks should be allowed to race.”

The point of these outrageous, offensive comparisons is to silence all questions.

Organizations, corporations and individuals must be forced to accept ludicrous activist framing or be accused of murder or a bizarro form of racism.

Activists and woke progressives want to eliminate the ability to ask legitimate questions about competitive fairness.

Offensive Comparisons Apparently Fine If You’re Woke

It’s obviously ridiculous to compare transgender athletes, biological males in women’s sports, to black competitors.

Abhorrent racial segregation policies in sports were inexcusable. And referencing those policies here, when lack athletes obviously did not choose to be black, is absurd.

Biological males made a choice to transition.

But most telling is that one of the survey questions asked if respondents felt they could “speak freely about the inclusion of transgender women in UCI events without fear of retribution from the athlete community.”

Based on the responses from and prominent individuals like Randy Locklair, it’s abundantly clear the answer is no.

Complete and total submission to trans activism is the only publicly palatable answer. And for some women, the clear hierarchy is enough to force them into retirement.


Although who knows, given cycling’s hysterical woke posturing, maybe even retiring could be considered a “life-threatening” act that will get people killed.

Written by Ian Miller

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