Cyclocross Champion Hannah Arensman Explains Decision To Retire After Losing To Male Racer: ‘It’s Important To Race Fair’

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Thankfully, the list of female athletes speaking out against men competing in the women’s division is growing. Broaching such a subject caused left-wing media to label those people as “transphobic.” But the tide appears to be turning. The latest comes in the form of 35-time Cyclocross Champion Hannah Arensman.

Arensman finished fourth in last year’s Cyclocross Nationals. A biological male won that race. Arensman decided to retire from Cyclocross at just 24 years old. She did not want to compete against men, hence why she competed in the women’s division.

Hannah Arensman is speaking out, now, to continue to draw attention to this unfair issue of men competing against women in sports.

Hannah Arensman walked away from Cyclocross at 24 years old after being beaten in Nationals by a biological male.
Hannah Arensman walked away from Cyclocross at 24 years old after being beaten in Nationals by a biological male. (Photo by Tim de Waele/Corbis via Getty Images)

She joined Fox News to discuss why she retired and what she hopes comes next for fairness in women’s sports.

“It is never right to have to end your season that way,” she said, “flanked on either side by two guys in the women’s field — the elite women’s field — and I don’t want to see any other girls … have to go through that. It is important to get to race fair.”

She also laid out the important advantages that being born male provides to athletes, despite transitioning and simply suppressing testosterone.

“Biologically, men and women are different,” Arensman said. “Men are born with the ability to produce more testosterone. And because of that, they can build big muscle. They have bigger skeletal structure.

“They will develop their heart, bigger lungs. And so when you can pump more blood through your body quicker, when you can get more air into your lungs and into your cells, that produces a lot of difference in power.”


This is all obvious to people who have common sense, but unfortunately people are willing to forgo common sense in the name of something called “equity.”

I’m old enough to remember when we were supposed to strive for “equality” but that eventually wasn’t enough. Hardcore progressives now push for equity. Probably because, in America, we achieved equality.

So what happens if we achieve “equity?” The Progressive Movement ends? Nope, they just move on to the next thing.

That’s why this needs to stop, and stop now.

Because it won’t stop itself. Ever.

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  1. Take your bike/ball/swim suit/ track shoes etc and just go home. They can’t have events and make any money if all they have is one dude acting like a girl at events. Hurt their bottom line. How embarrassing is it going to be when only one person is out there for a competitions.

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