Aidan Hutchinson’s Sister Rocks Lions Dress During Miss USA Pageant

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Aria Hutchinson showed Detroit some love over the weekend.

Aidan Hutchinson’s sister, who is Miss Michigan USA 2022, rocked a Lions dress featuring his 97 number during a Sunday Miss USA pageant in Reno, Nevada, according to the New York Post.

Aria Hutchinson wears a Lions dress featuring Aidan Hutchinson’s 97 number. She’s a rising star in her own right. (Credit: Instagram/New York Post)

For those of you who don’t know, Aria Hutchinson is a rising star in her own right. She might not be a top NFL pick like her brother, but she’s definitely making a name for herself.

She’s a dominant Miss USA performer, and it looks like she’s only started scratching the surface of her potential.

Aria Hutchinson wears a Lions dress during a Miss USA event. The dress featured her brother Aidan’s 97 number. (Credit: Instagram/New York Post)

It’s also great to see she’s showing major love to the Lions and her brother. Detroit has been a pathetic franchise for a long time.

The Lions are more of a joke over the past 30 years than a real football team. However, the tide seems to be changing.

Aidan Hutchinson has been impressive on the field and his sister is showering the team with free attention. It’s a nice combo.

Hopefully, Aria Hutchinson keeps it up because she’s quickly turning into one of the best content machines on the internet.

Whether you like the Lions or not, we can all get behind her rising star.

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