Apple Threatens to Ban Parler

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Parler won’t ban you but could get banned itself.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is threatening to ban Parler from its app stores.

“We have received numerous complaints regarding objectionable content in your Parler service, accusations that the Parler App was used to plan, coordinate and facilitate the illegal activities in Washington DC on January 6,” Apple’s note to Parler begins. The WSJ goes on saying, “the tech giant said in order for Parler to remain available in the App Store, it had to provide detailed information on its content-moderation plans and ‘what you will do to improve moderation and content filtering your service for this kind of objectionable content going forward.’”

Parler has 24 hours to comply or Apple will do to it what Twitter just did to President Donald Trump. (They all act the same, don’t they?)

With Trump’s Twitter removal, Parler is likely to continue its rapid growth. Since the summer, Parler has seen numerous prominent conservative voices join its platform. Though most have stayed on Twitter, that’s beginning to change.

Friday, a day after Dan Bongino’s own Twitter suspension, Bongino posted on Twitter for the last time:

Radio legend Mark Levin, who made waves for leaving Facebook last week, has suspended his Twitter account.

Bad news, now Twitter can’t suspend The Great One.

It’s unclear how far Apple’s Parler ban would go. While it can remove Parler from its app store, Apple users could still access Parler through a web browser. It’s doubtful — if even possible — Apple would ban from Safari. Should it try, Joe Rogan’s favorite browser, Brave, will see a spike of its own.

In December, I predicted that 2021 would be the year of alternative platforms. With Trump’s Twitter ban and Apple’s threats, it now reads like a spoiler.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. And yes it is possible to ban sites in a browser. All you have to do is modify the code and not allow some URLs. The browser could connect to Apple’s server and retrieve a list of banned websites. Likewise a whole operating system could be set up to update banned IPs or domains.

  2. Sadly, this is likely. I know nothing about tech, but we know that it’s about the narrative these days, not truth. Truth opposes the narrative, becomes a target. So sad, so dark. Hosea 4:6

  3. People don’t understand it is about the control of the elite over the people. It has nothing to do with hate speech. Parler is a threat to the elite like social media are a threat to dictatorships in some areas of the world. Except we have a more free country so all t he changes have to be gradual. There will be one day when the internet will be entirely censored so the powerful can keep their control. Sadly it’s the leftists that claim to be liberals that will bring up fascism to this nation because there is a virus le because some people want to do bad things. The funny thing is that many iPhones are used daily to commit crime, deal drugs and plenty of bad things

  4. They care so much about what we have to say.
    Jesus Christ. Why can’t they just do them? You have your platforms and the entire media industry from search engines to social media accounts and so on and so forth. You suspended censored and left us no choice to do our thing. We aren’t bothering you. We can’t even if we wanted to. That’s cool. Do you. Enjoy Twitter and whatever else. Talk about whatever it is they do. Don’t give a fuck man. But no. You’ll go above and beyond to eliminate any opposition ie free speech as the idea of such occurring even on a different platform entirely is dangerous and needs to be cancelled. That’s exactly why shit like the other day happens.

  5. All we can hope is, the tech monopolizers aren’t able to shut down all the alternative platforms they’re trying to shut down, using over-reaction to Wednesday as an excuse. And then with no Trump, everybody loses interest in Twitter. Twitter was actually DYING before Trump ran for President. Hopefully without him the animals start turning on one another and they hemorrhage users.

  6. Apple needs to be careful. Backing our new Communist regime might backfire on them. With the lockdowns and so many people losing jobs in the future because our new leadership wants everyone on welfare(the Liberals new form of slavery….getting everyone on welfare so that people have to rely on the Government to survive), the general public might not be able to afford Apple products anymore, hopefully causing them to go belly up. Hey, dare to dream, right?!

  7. Never in the history of the USA, not even when Adams invoked the Alien and Sedition acts, has there ever been such an attempt to silence citizens of the US. People better get up to speed with the acts of the past to understand where this is going.

    Remember, where it begins with the left is NEVER where it ends. In every single case, you can see what is perceived as an “innocent” helpful act that leads to an egregious monstrosity. We are seeing the latter as it pertains to silencing, censoring and propagandizing those of us who believe in different political, economic and moral values. We represent the enemy to those on the left. This is just the kind of tyrannical government with it’s enablers that our Founders & Framers were so concerned about and why there were so many checks and balances put into the Constitution in conjunction with later amendments to prevent this which the left is trying to bypass with a willing press, social media and banana republic court appointees.

    While the left and their enablers paint this egregious and heinous picture of Trump and his supporters there is more legitimate validation to their protests than to those of BLM & ANTIFA which are not only condoned and rationalized but actually enabled and foisted by those in DC, social media and the media. These people believe the ends justifies the means and nothing is going to stop them from silencing YOU and your representatives. To them NOTHING is off the table. These bans have NOTHING to do with eliminating violence (as the “peaceful protests” of BLM & Antifa have shown) and everything to do with eliminating YOU.

  8. We have accelerated into Hatfield vs McCoy territory. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle. Every politician and significant institution have shown their hand. No one should be surprised at what comes next.

  9. Communism has arrived.

    Constitution is ignored by the ruling elite. Unconstitutional Mandates in the name of public health are used to strip away liberties and freedoms.

    Government law enforcement and “justice” departments prosecution the political opposition while covering up the crimes of the ruling elite.

    Elections are rigged to generate the desired outcome of the government ruling class. No longer a government consented by the people.

    Free speech and contrary views to the ruling class are silenced and replaced with propaganda.

    Next step is confiscating personal property.

    Make no mistake about it, the Federal Government has been weaponized against its people.

    Republicans and Democrats are all the same, just one party of the ruling class that wants to grow Government power while enriching themselves and their families. Neither are your friends.

    Time for 75 million to create a new party to save our country.

  10. US Corporations are just as much to blame for this mess. It’s a simple numbers game. China alone has 1.39 billion people. US has 300 some million. Now that most in China have money, why would you care what US consumers think. Even if half or a quarter of Chinese consumers buy your product you’re making more than you would by selling to every consumer in the US. It’s messed up but it always comes down to money and appeasing China pays.

  11. Apple did drop Parler from the App Store. Amazon Web Services has also notified Parler they will be pulling service in a short period. Parler communications has said it might take them until Tuesday to be back up a full speed.

    Google, Apple and Amazon have colluded to take this company, their competition, out of business. That used to be a crime according to the federal government.

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