Twitter Permanently Suspends President Trump’s Account

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President Donald Trump will no longer hold office by the end of the month, but as far as Twitter is concerned, he’s already done.

The social media platform Friday announced Trump’s account has been permanently suspended “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” in reference to Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol building. Five people died after protestors stormed the halls of Congress.

Twitter went on to indicate it had provided a warning that a permanent suspension would result from “additional violations of Twitter Rules.”

“Our public interest framework exists to enable the public to hear from elected officials and world leaders directly,” the Twitter Safety account continued. “It is built on a principle that the people have a right to hold power to account in the open.

“However, we made it clear going back years that these accounts are not above our rules and cannot use Twitter to incite violence. We will continue to be transparent around our policies and their enforcement.”

President Trump has not yet responded to Twitter’s announcement.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Hopefully this will finally convince the conservative establishment to build their own social media and stop using Twitter. Twitter’s monopoly on micro-blogging is a greater threat to American democracy than Russia and China combined.

      • Smoking is a choice. Same shit. It’s a highlight reel of people’s lives (or fake ones). People who spend too much time on it get depressed looking at it. Other people fight all day on it. Other people cut off family members over it. Other people get fired from it. It’s great to be connected to everyone but at what cost?

        • 1000% that’s the question. Psychological impact long term meeven put a number on because of the sample size. Even with smoking, choice, we know the risks and potential health long and short term impacts. however brief the potential

          • Nothing to see there. Classic miscommunication between siri and I. Clearly picking and choosing to what to transcribe out to make me look like some sort of idiot on the internet.

          • I had to delete my facebook. It was a long time coming. Biggest thing for me is what it’s a waste of time and you find yourself mindlessly scrolling rather than doing anything productive. Then you find yourself reading all the dumb shit people post. Just over it. I liked shitposting memes and just having fun with it but its all politics now.

  2. I’ve seen it posted in multiple places on multiple websites, but it is really hitting home now. Something President Trump has said. One of the truest things President Trump has said is: “They aren’t really after me. They’re after you. I’m just standing in the way”

    I’ve told my friends and family that I wish I was joking. I was I was being sarcastic. But I”m not. After watching Tucker tonight, I fear the leftists will not stop until they push us into civil War. Either that, or they will make us all a bunch of soulless simps worshiping at the feet of big tech.

  3. censorship doesn’t work. in the south, i’ve noticed that people are living their lives and connect with each other.

    i think social media has become the left’s only way to connect. it why big cities thrive (or used to); because lefties don’t really like people, but need to be able to connect on some level. social media feeds on fear and creates isolation. this won’t end well.

  4. I’ve dropped all social media months ago except for Outkick. If nothing else, the November election made one thing very clear. The left will do absolutely anything for power. Silicon Valley, Google, NY Times, Washington Post, the MSM all teamed up to do everything possible to sway voters. And now the suppression is on steroids. I watched Whitlock on Tucker last night. He and others painted a frightening, but true picture of the current attack on free speech. Hoping Trump’s ban from Twitter will open more eyes.

  5. Tucker Carlson said a couple of nights ago that those in charge (politicians) absolutely despise those they see as beneath them socially and economically. He said that republican congresspeople hate their very own constituents. I would add that all those on the left find common white folks repugnant and beneath them.

  6. Interesting times asa constitutional libertarian I’m afraid of both extremes. If u are blm/antifa/Google u are essentially a communist and if your a far right yahoo your essentially an national socialist. To me not a whole lot of difference but always in a revolutionary struggle for power. We may need people to actually read books and pamphlets again. More then the characters allowed on a Twitter or parlor. For those interested books like road to serfdom by hayak, the first circle, of course 1984, animal farm Are eye opening. For those at big tech or any one directly involve in the lefts current revolution i suggest Darknesscat Noon. This book will guide those in current “struggle for power” what will happen to all of them at the end game. Very frightening. Keep up the good work outkick

    • Yes, both political extremes seem to circle around and converge in the same place. I don’t know how to express it like a Whitlock or an Eric Weinstein (who probably has expressed something like this at some point), but the political spectrum of “left” and “right” is not simply a straight line with two distinct endpoints on either side. That said, in the very moment we live, the Leftists have become so extreme and scary that I do not think the term “far right yahoo” applies. The left has gone so far that it is like Whitlock said in an article he wrote for Blaze, that we are seeing Newtons third law come to life: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      The leftists promoted violence all summer long. Major news stations have stated that getting rid of Trump was the easy part and that “cleansing” the country of his supporters will be the hard part. We are seeing the beginnings of this “cleansing”. And at the same time, they are celebrating what they have done with Hollywood type productions (check out Lebron’s twitter page and the video his big tech overlords made for him. It is propaganda beyond anything from the Soviets, Nazis, and even beyond fictional 1984. It makes Lebron seem like Captain America. As if we didn’t really see all those cities burning this summer)

      So no matter what kind of protests occur now, I will not call them “far right yahoos”. They will be Patriots. The left has gone too far. Whether hundreds of thousands gather peacefully outside NPR offices, or whether hundreds gather peacefully in an English or Sociology Department to protest liberal academia, I will not label the protests as far right yahoos. I was at first shocked at what I saw on the Capitol. Now I agree with Whitlock that it was Newton’s third law come to life. The leftists have become absolutely frightening.

        • Your post was well thought out. I liked it. If I came off as sounding argumentative that wasn’t my intention. It might have helped if I had stated that I agree with everything you stated and that I was only writing that while many of us are deeply disturbed by the leftists, I personally think we might have already slid too far down a slope of no return. I do not mean to say anyone else should feel that way just that I do.

          That’s why even though that guy with the Bullhorn is a lunatic along with some others who wanted to get on social media, I personally no longer label the entire group as far right yahoos. I believe (but I cannot prove, of course) that the overwhelming number of them love their country. I don’t think they made things “worse” because, like I wrote in paragraph above, I fear we might have already gone down a slope of no return.

          I hope I am wrong. I hope our fate is not already in the hands of someone like Laventiy Beria. I very much would rather avoid civil war, but I don’t think the left will stop. The fact that they are talking about “cleansing” the US of Trump supporters is chilling. I am not trying to tell you or anyone else that you should find the leftists as frightening as I do. I am just giving my “two cents” from my corner of the world and my perspective.

          • Agree with u there.
            The big issue going forward with a conservative message on has to be aware of narrative. The Google, nbc/abc/cbs, Washington post/not complex will use Buffalo boy and navy Pelosi podium guy to proceed with agenda. The trumps or conservative activist not associated with trump need to follow a more restrained path. Continue a nonviolent behavior pattern that will change minds and possibly narrative. 75 million voters need something real to hold onto. Moderate and wish washy conservative will not follow feet on Pelosi desk guy.

  7. One more thought. For any on the left that are monitoring this site. (My guess is there are many) please look up Laventiy Beria. These are the types of folks that will rise in your digital utopia of “shared equality”. Be very careful what u wish for

  8. George Orwell was ahead of his time. Big Tech is ruling this country right now.

    Twitter suspended me last year because I said cops should shoot back, since they were getting ambushed left and right.

  9. First banned is Trump, next Tucker….next on down the line, Clay and Outkick. You think “well Outkick can survive without social media”…true. However, this eventually will get to who controls the online space and other platforms (youtube, etc). Your source for sports in the future will come from Dan Le Betard and people who think like him.

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