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The Domino Effect of Mark Levin Leaving Facebook For Parler

Over the next four years, the biggest story will not be Joe Biden’s presidency, Russia, or China — it will be Big Tech’s power, influence, and biases. Big Tech leaders Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter dictate entertainment, corporate America and, increasingly, the knowledge of Americans. Readers and viewers can know only what they have access to, and Big Tech now decides what they see and view online. Decision-makers residing in Silicon Valley have taken a clear, leftward political interest that’s beyond the ones in Hollywood and sports. As a result, a number of independent minds have created accounts on Parler, a free-speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Among them is Dan Bongino, who is a part-owner of the social media platform. Of late, Parler has seen spikes in downloads, despite most commentators and politicians using it as a complement to, not a substitution for, Twitter and Facebook. That will soon change with Mark Levin. In a matter of hours, Levin will leave Facebook for Parler, and he’s encouraging his followers to move with him. Over 4.2 million of you are following me on Parler now. It can’t be that hard to sign on. I hope the rest of you folks will […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.