Antonio Brown Claims He Showed ‘Professionalism Positivity’ While Security Tried To Remove Him From Field Of Team He Owns

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Antonio Brown is quite an … interesting human being. And, clearly he enjoys the spotlight. The former NFL wide receiver now co-owns a National Arena League franchise, the Albany Empire.

However, there’s some debate about that, too. According to the Times Union, Brown claims to be the team’s solo owner. However, the co-owner disagrees with Brown’s assertion.

“I’m the owner, 100 percent owner. I don’t take that lightly,” Brown told the newspaper. “My job as the owner (is) to provide the players and community, the front office, everyone that experience, the experience of Albany, and I’m excited about that role.”

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown co-owns an Arena League football team, the Albany Empire.
Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown co-owns a National Arena League football team, the Albany Empire. (Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

But according to the Union, the co-owner is Mike Kwarta who says he and Brown each own 47.5% of the team. The other 5% is owned by minority partners Charlotte and Steve von Schiller.

Brown recently shared photos and an article about Kwarta from 2008 when he was sentenced to six months of prison. Ironic, since Brown is not exactly perfect in the eyes of the law, either.

Wherever Antonio Brown goes, drama seems to follow. Which leads perfectly into a story from over the weekend.

Antonio Brown gets into it with Albany Empire security

On Sunday, the Empire opened its season with a match against the Orlando Predators.

Brown was on the field prior to the game taking pictures and signing autographs for fans. He wore a … uh, colorful? … suit and … uh, platform shoes?

Security, likely not recognizing Brown, told him he needed to get off the field. Brown posted video of the incident on Twitter.

Brown’s description that he “maintained a level of professionalism positivity” is actually funny.

He’s probably not wrong since the bar for him is so low. Remember what happened last time he left a field?

Relative to that scene, I suppose you could call telling a security guard, “Let’s see who’s got the biggest muscles” being professional.

Brown almost listened, too, walking all the way to the exit gate. But, then he realized that he’s Antonio Brown and cameras are rolling.

Thus, we have to keep the moment going. So, he stops and starts saying “make me” like he’s 10 years old.

Look, I’m not excusing security here, but Brown is the one who posted the interaction and boasts about his “professionalism.”

I suppose in today’s upside-down world, posting stories about your co-owner’s legal troubles and trying to start a fight with your own security team counts as acting professionally.

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  1. AB has had issues in the past. His mental health has been questioned several times over the years. Yes, at the end of the video, he does go more like 15 years old. For the on field personnel, especially security people, not to know who owns the team, 47.5% ownership is ownership.
    You’d think the old white guy, I am one don’t @ me, who is at the pinnacle of his career would be more aware of who he is actually employed.

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