WATCH: Antonio Brown Leaves Mid-Game After Ripping Off Jersey, Arians Comments ‘He’s No Longer A Buc’

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An outburst on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ sideline involved wide receiver Antonio Brown ripping off his jersey and pads, tossing his shirt to Meadowlands fans and jogging off the field.

With three minutes left in the third quarter, Brown was visibly frustrated among his spectating teammates, which spawned fellow receiver Mike Evans to try cooling off the contentious wideout.

Brown continued to lash out and skipped his way en route to the locker room — across the end zone as he waved away to jeering Jets fans … leaving for good.

As relayed by OutKick 360’s Jonathan Hutton:

Heading into halftime, the Jets maintained a 17-10 lead over the Bucs, which extended to 24-10 when running back Ty Johnson ran in the end zone halfway through the third.

With seconds left before the fourth — after AB’s departure — Brady connected with tight end Cameron Brate to inch a dazed Tampa offense closer to New York’s lead, 24-17.

Up until his tirade and abrupt exit, Brown had the third-most targets (5) of the offense, with Rob Gronkowski (9) and Evans (7) as the primary receivers. Brown caught three passes for 26 yards. No clear indication behind the meltdown has been reported.

After the comeback win by Tampa (28-24), head coach Bruce Arians stated that AB “is no longer a Buc.”

OutKick founder Clay Travis relayed that Brown will not be flying back to Tampa with the rest of the team.

Reports later surfaced that Brown was upset after refusing to enter the game at Arians’ request. After asking twice, Arians told AB to call it a day.

Brown signed with the Buccaneers on Oct. 27, 2020. In his first year in Tampa, Brown recorded 483 yards on 45 receptions (eight games). The Bucs finished their year as Super Bowl victors. This season, AB accrued 42 catches and 545 yards in six games.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Losers are losers, they can’t even stop being a loser to be with winners! It was inevitable. How much Guaranteed money did he blow in Oakland again by not shutting up for 24 more hours? This man is not very intelligent. Farewell to to you sir!

    • I saw something earlier today and I forget the exact numbers but he was a few receptions away from getting an extra $330,000 , a few receiving yards away from getting an additional $330,000 and I believe 1 or 2 TDS from away from another $330,000. All very achievable. Basically a decent game away from $1million. To say he’s not intelligent is an understatement. It’s blatantly obvious he has mental issues.

  2. I knew he wasn’t mentally well years ago when he was seen preening in the mirror in the Steelers locker room during the team’s post-game meeting. Still, three other teams later took a chance on him. His bridges are all burned.

  3. Poor guy is still suffering from Vontaze Burfict syndrome. He’s never been the same after that cheap shot. I think that concussion clearly did something to him. Sad to see such a great talent who can’t keep it together.

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