Anthony Bass Trolled By Astros Announcer, Says He’s In The Game ‘To Clean It Up’

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We’re onto at least day three (could be four; they’re starting to run together) on Anthony Bass’ Popcorngate, and now opposing announcers are dragging him.

In case you’re not up to speed with the social etiquette debate that has swept the sports world, Bass posted a tweet in which he admonished United Airlines because they “made” his wife clean up the popcorn his kids dropped on the floor.

The incident led to people giving their take as to who was at fault whether that was Bass and his wife or the airline. Then, right when everyone was starting to lose interest in talking about children dropping popcorn on a plane, Bass tried to troll everyone and kept the debate raging.

Now, he’s more synonymous with popcorn than any person since late great popcorn magnate Orville Redenbacher, and hearing it from opposing announcers.

Bass came into the Blue Jays-Astros game on Monday night in the bottom of the sixth inning with his team getting annihilated 8-1.

Houston Astros announcer Geoff Blum threw out a short, sweet, and rather conspicuous line to welcome Bass to the mound.

Perfectly executed. Blum didn’t shoehorn it in there, it flowed naturally and had considerable teeth. A splendid troll job.

Things did not go well for the former Astro, as he only lasted two-thirds of an inning and gave up one run before being pulled from the game.

Popcorngate should honestly be the least of Bass’ worries this season. He has a 7.36 ERA so far this season.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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  1. The Crawford Boxes are the left field seats in Minute Maid Park. A local brewery, not affiliated with AB InBev, created a beer called Crawford Bock.
    Last season, Blummer had the TV color man of the year statement, on a hot mic, after Yordan Alvarez did a Yordan Alvarez thing to a baseball. The hot mic got him stating “He Crawford Bocked the shit out of that ball”.
    I have a t-shirt with that quote on the front.

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