MLB Pitcher Complains After United Airlines Told His Pregnant Wife To Clean Up Popcorn Mess Made By Their Kids

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Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass says a United Airlines flight attendant “made” his pregnant wife get on her hands and knees to pick up popcorn spilled by his young kids and he has a major problem with it.

In a Sunday tweetstorm, the 12-year MLB vet told the story about how his 22-week pregnant wife, Sydney, was traveling with their two children — ages 5 and 2 — on a United flight and ended up getting on the floor to pick up spilled popcorn.

“Are you kidding me?!?!” the middle reliever tweeted.

When pressed by a Twitter user to explain who should clean up the mess made by the two-year-old, Bass didn’t mince words.

“The cleaning crew they hire!” Anthony Bass fired back.

Needless to say, Bass has been absolutely grilled over his stance.

Now, in a twist to this story, it turns out Sydney Bass’ wife’s sister is Jessie James Decker and Jessie would like to add some context to what happened on that flight. “The flight attendant came up to Sydney with a trash bag, and a wet wipe, telling her the captain wants Syd to clean up every drop,” Decker wrote on Instagram Story.

“My poor sister is on her hands and knees, crying in the aisle completely humiliated and exhausted, with her children while everyone else watched. Way to go united,” Decker continued.

OK, that’s enough of building the case against United. Let’s get down to business and analyze this situation.

  1. I count approximately 22 large popcorn kernels on the floor.
  2. I’m not buying the flight attendant “made” her pick up the popcorn. Was Sydney threatened with arrest if she didn’t get down on her hands and knees to get those kernels? Were there air marshals waiting to cuff a pregnant woman? Yeah, that would’ve been a great marketing campaign for United and the air marshals.
  3. If Sydney was threatened with arrest and jail over spilled popcorn, then it might’ve been time to ask the kids to get down there to grab that popcorn instead of having their facest plastered to a tablet. Now, I’m not anti-kids being face first into a tablet on a flight, but they could’ve been interrupted with a game of which one could pick up the most popcorn.
  4. I’m supposed to believe there were passengers in the vicinity who wouldn’t help a pregnant woman? I need to hear from these people on why they didn’t help. Email:
  5. I’d also like to hear what the flight attendant has to say here. There’s clearly more to the story. There always is.
  6. Am I the only one who starts to freak out if their kid starts making a mess in public? Perhaps I am 1% Japanese. The second I would’ve seen the 2-year-old spilling the popcorn would’ve been the minute the popcorn session would’ve ended.
  7. Is popcorn for a 2-year-old on a flight even smart? It feels like this is just asking for trouble in the first place.
  8. I’ll give everyone involved here credit, this is an incredible talker, as they say in the industry. This topic has just enough people on both sides of the aisle to have a great online argument which is great for pageviews.
  9. I’ll reiterate that we need to hear from the flight attendant. Or better yet, we need flight attendants to start wearing body cams so we get this footage to clear up exactly what happened. It’s time the airlines start providing social media with the full body of evidence. Was Sydney on her hands and knees picking up that popcorn? Who has footage of this?

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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