Andy Reid Has No Clue Who Jordan Love Is In Painful Few Seconds For Packers Brass

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Andy Reid was asked about Jordan Love (for some reason) during today’s NFL meetings, and you may wanna look away, Packers fans, because Big Red had ZERO clue who he was.

None. Zero. Ziltch. Nada. Reid may as well have been asked the question in another language.

Andy Reid says, Jordan Love who?

So painful, yet so funny. Absolute confusion from Big Red here on the Green Bay Packers’ presumed starting QB1 of the future. You think Andy has time for the cute little Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love-Packers-Jets drama?

Nope. He could care less. Guy just won another Super Bowl and has the greatest quarterback on the planet in his pocket for the rest of his career.

Andy Reid doesn’t have time for your childish quarterback games.

Andy Reid has no idea who Jordan Love is.
Andy Reid doesn’t have time for Jordan Love questions.

That being said, it’s probably not a great look for the Packers here, either. Feel like Aaron Rodgers’ successor should be pretty well known around the league by the point, and here’s arguably the best coach in the game being beyond dumbfounded when he’s asked about him.

Not great!

Anyway, I reckon there’s also the chance that Big Red’s hearing ain’t what it used to be and he simply didn’t hear the name Jordan Love? Sure, it’s a possibility, but where’s the fun in that?

Another thing … bold move asking 65-year-old Andy Reid a question about a backup QB who played against him for a few quarters two years ago. What are we doing here? What did this guy expect the answer to be?


Written by Zach Dean

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