Andre Iguodala Says His First Impression Of Steph Curry Was He Is ‘The Closest Thing To Jesus Christ’

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Andre Iguodala has turned into an overpaid cheerleader at this point of his career having played in just 34 games over the last two seasons, but his recent comment comparing Steph Curry to Jesus is over the top, even for him.

Curry is undoubtedly one of the best shooters and point guards to ever step foot on a basketball court. The man has legitimately changed the game of basketball at every level around the globe with kids wanting to shoot threes instead of ever stepping foot inside the paint.


Calling him a generational talent and one of the most influential athletes in the world is fine, and even warranted. Iguodala, for some reason, seems to continue to feel the need to hype up his teammate beyond a level we’ve ever seen in sports.

Curry is a lot like Jesus Christ, according to the 39-year-old vet.

“I’m saying to myself, ‘I think I’ve met the closest thing to Jesus Christ.’ Not to put that on him. I’ve never seen an individual … He doesn’t stray away from who he is in terms of who he is as a person,” Iguodala told Shannon Sharpe while recalling his first impression of Curry.

“So, you know what you’re getting night in and night out. And I could see it. So, I’m thinking I’m about to go and try to win a championship.”

The Warriors Are Beyond Insufferable

Beyond the ridiculous words coming out of Iguodala’s mouth, the wildest part about the segment is that he said what he said with a straight face.

Between Draymond Green being insufferable both on and off the court, Steve Kerr’s political messaging, Klay Thompson acting like a teenager, and their annoying ability to win championships already made the Warriors one of the easiest teams to hate in all of professional sports.

Now we have Iguodala comparing Step Curry to Jesus Christ himself adding yet another layer to the franchise’s level of absurdity.

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