Paige Spiranac Lifts Tiger Woods’ Spirits After Grueling PGA Run

Instagram influencer, women's golf staple and emotional support enthusiast Paige Spiranac wants to lift Tiger Woods' spirits following his early exit from the PGA Championship, announced on Saturday.

Woods' shortened outing was among his career-lows and spawned an outreach of support from the golf community.

Spiranac added her piece with a tweet on Saturday, encouraging the golfing legend after enduring a physical challenge to stay in the competition as long as he did.

Woods officialy withdrew after three grueling rounds.

"It’s hard watching Tiger be in so much pain. The fight he has to get through this round is incredible," Spiranac tweeted.

Things have picked up for Paige after enduring what she called a "slow week,"

“It’s been a bit of a slow week with personal news. I think the most exciting thing for me is a I got bangs,” Spiranac jokingly said on Playing Around.

She got things going by celebrating Sports Illustrated's new slate of swimsuit photos with a throwback to her elite campaign as a SI swimsuit model.

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