Kim Kardashaian Is A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model

The 2022 Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine covers were released Monday and Kim Kardashian is officially an SI swim cover model.

There are four SI swimsuit covers for 2022. Russell Wilson’s wife Ciara, 74-year-old model Maye Musk and Asian curve model Yumi Nu join Kardashian as models for magazines distributed to newsstands.

“The journey we’ve been on—to break out of the mold the world put us in—may sound familiar,” SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day said of the 2022 issue models. “It’s certainly familiar to the women we’ve chosen to be our cover models: Maye, Ciara, Yumi, Kim.”

This is Kardashian’s first appearance in the magazine’s history.

“Kim, no stranger to the world’s judgment, continues to live proudly, authentically and unapologetically through the noise,” Day added.

Kim Kardashian Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover photos
Kim Kardashaian is a 2022 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. / Sports Illustrated

Kardashian’s 2022 SI debut was photographed in the Dominican Republic by photographer Greg Swales.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Here’s a wager for these DEI-obsessed freaks over at SI: my ENTIRE net worth to publish the number of copies of each cover that they intend to print. Because if these dipshits have any sense at all (and I would bet they at least know not to lose too much money), they’re printing 1000 KimK covers for every Maye Musk and Yumi Nu cover. Of course, they could never say that publicly…

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