Nike Uses Dylan Mulvaney to Promote Sports Bras And Women's Leggings

The corporate obsession with Dylan Mulvaney continues.

Bud Light received widespread scorn and derision recently for making transgender activist Mulvaney a spokesperson.


Naturally, in response, the company defended the choice to associate Mulvaney with Bud Light.

But Mulvaney unveiled an even more hilarious brand partnership on Wednesday, this time with Nike.

Incredibly, Nike decided that it was a good idea to use Dylan Mulvaney to show off their ... sports bras.

Nothing says understanding the women's market like using a biological male to promote sports bras.

Nike also believed that showing how their leggings fit on a biological male would be an ideal venue to showcase their form and function.

Brands Apparently Think Partnering With Mulvaney is Smart

It may seem laughable to believe that showing women a biological male dressing up in a sports bra is a good luck for a major sportswear brand.

But that's the message corporations keep sending.

Apparently the belief is that any backlash received for their choice of partners is outweighed by the positive coverage received in the media and activist circles.

Mulvaney has garnered a massive following by essentially acting as a caricature of femininity. Even frequently dressing specifically to appear as a young girl, instead of a woman.

None of that seems to matter to these major corporations, as they continue associating Mulvaney with their products.

Tampax started the trend, using Mulvaney to promote tampons to biological females.

Beer as a follow up was bad enough, but Nike's choice to use Mulvaney for sports bras is even more absurd.

Should be fun to see which brand decides to use Dylan Mulvaney to promote products targeted to biological females next!

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