Passenger Punches Unsuspecting Flight Attendant For Not Letting Him Use Bathroom

Before we get to the video of this unsuspecting flight attendant, let me start here …

I hate flying. Hate it.

I don’t like being more than three feet off the ground, I don’t like not seeing where I’m going, I don’t like being crammed in a metal tube at 36,000 feet, and I don’t like turbulence.

I’d take a 24 hour car or train ride over a three hour flight ANY DAY of the week.

Which brings us to this … just another reason I cannot stand air travel:

American Airlines passenger punches flight attendant

What an uncivilized society.

This guy isn’t allowed to use the first class bathroom, so he just coldcocks the flight attendant … in the back of the head?

For starters, that HAD to hurt. You’re gonna slam your fist into someone’s skull? Why? What is that going to do? That’s about as dumb as a headbutt.

The flight attendant saying, “are you threatening me? That’s enough,” and then just walking away is also a wild move. You HAVE to have your head on a swivel in that situation. The skies are insane. It’s the Wild Wild West up there. Anything goes and there are crazies everywhere.

You can’t be dealing with a weirdo who’s pissed he can’t use the First Class toilet and then expect him to just go back to his seat. If you’re that angry over not being able to take a leak in the front bathroom, you’re definitely crazy enough to punch someone in the back of the head.

Which brings us to my next question …

This had to hurt an American Airlines flight attendant. 

Who side are we on here? Taking out the obvious pettiness of punching someone in the back of the head for not getting your way, who do you side with? The passenger who just wants to use the bathroom up front, or the flight attendant who stands his ground?

What if this guy really had to go and the other bathroom had a line? We don’t know the whole story, so I’m curious who you’d side with here.

Anyway, this is why flying stinks on ice. People are crazy up there and you’re stuck with them for hours no matter what.

Side note: “What are you doing?” from the random passenger right after he throws the punch is hilarious. Bob in 9A is STUNNED by what he’s just seen, and I don’t blame him.

Also, this guy looks like he’s about to throw down. If I were the puncher in this case, I’d definitely keep an eye on him the rest of the flight.

I wouldn’t mess with this American Airlines passenger.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.


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  1. Whose side are we on? Are you kidding? Guy punches someone in the back of the head – No. 1, that’s a coward’s move there.

    And you don’t get your own way, so you resort to throwing punches?

    If the other bathroom was backed up (and at the 36 second mark, our videographer takes a peek toward the back – could be a few folks standing in line, hard to tell) how about you explain the urgency of the situation? “Sir, I understand the rules about First Class access, but I have been holding it as long as I can and we’re about to have a biohazard mess.” That doesn’t work, “I understand – Can I speak to the crew chief please?”

    OR … go to the line in the back and explain the urgency to the other passengers: “I REALLY have to go.” They’ll likely let you in ahead of you – not like we haven’t all been in that situation where our bladder or intestines just can’t hold out any longer – where it’s become a matter of WHERE, not when or if …

    But yeah, there’s no justification for punching someone in the back – absolutely gutless.

    Maybe he got a second chance to try that winning move in the holding cell at LAX …

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