Deion Sanders Bringing The Party To Colorado On Saturday, In What Should Be An All Day Revival On National Television

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You can expect some type of fireworks on Saturday at Colorado’s Spring game. It’s a given with Deion Sanders. Tomorrow, a program that has seen ticket sales soar, breaking records in the process, presents the opportunity to showcase what’s to come.

No, this will not be the team we see in the fall, at least competitively. But this is the opportunity for Deion Sanders to put his program on blast in front of the college football world. If anything, this will be a recruiting showcase for the future.

There’s expected to be some massive recruits in-town for the Saturday showcase, as Deion continues to sell the future. But it’s not only recruits that will be in Boulder, over 25 former Colorado players will be involved in the event, including Kordell Stewart.

The Sports World Will Be Tuning In For Colorado Football

ESPN is bringing its roadshow to Boulder this weekend for what should be the most entertaining Spring game in recent memory. The network is banking on fans tuning in to see what Sanders will do with a microphone on the field. This will be the only Spring game that ESPN is televising on its main channel. Chris Fowler and Robert Griffin III will handle the broadcast.

There’s going to be a party in Boulder on Saturday. And based on Colorado selling out its season ticket allotment for 2023, it seems that party’s already started within the athletic department building.

When asked about the buzz around campus for his football team, Deion Sanders was looking towards the future with his answer. Always recruiting is the theme in college football, and that’s the thing Sanders does best.

“It’s been phenomenal, I get out about around town and dine in several different places. I just love everything about CU, man,”Sanders said about the campus buzz. “I can’t wait until these kids get here and their parents to see how beautiful the city is. Please join with me and pray for at least 55 degrees (for the spring game).”

One of my bigger questions is whether we see Coach Prime getting cordial with ‘Ralphie’ again.

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders makes his way around the practice facility.

Don’t Judge Colorado On The Spring Game Is The Message

One of the biggest takeaways from this scrimmage will certainly be the crowd size and noise around the program. Honestly, that should be the main sticking point, but how this team looks on the field will be dissected. Is this a football team that can win six games in 2023? Coming off a dreadful 2022, I’d say that should be the goal.

Deion Sanders wants perfection, but even the Colorado coach knows that won’t be on display Saturday. It’s a fair statement, as this squad is still being built. Transfer portal additions are still coming and attrition could continue after Saturday’s game. While we will undoubtedly judge this group, Sanders is trying to make it clear to fans that what they see tomorrow is not what they’ll see come the season opener.

“I don’t want them to get misguided because what you see is not what you gonna see (In the Fall),” Sanders made a point to say. “You heard that? What you see is not what you’re gonna see, okay? And that’s a loaded response.”

Deion Sanders is looking to hype the Colorado program, while also tampering expectations for this weekend.

He’s certainly right about that one. But this won’t stop folks from overreacting to a Travis Hunter touchdown against a secondary being rebuilt. It’s not as if Deion inherited a loaded roster of five-stars, but recruiting is what Saturday is made for.

Who knows what type of theatrics Coach Prime has planned for for the 40,000 fans in attendance who paid $10 bucks a ticket and those folks tuning in at home. But I promise you it will be centered around the future of Colorado football.

In all honesty, don’t put anything past Deion on Saturday, especially with the sports world paying attention.

“It’s going to be special. I don’t know about any celebrities, I don’t really get into that. They may call in the last minute and want to come,” Deion noted about the spring game. “That’s a blessing, but I think Peggy’s (Coppom) gonna do the kickoff with me and we’re gonna do our thing. That’s the only person I really can’t wait to see, and Ralphie.”

Written by Trey Wallace

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