Alisha Lehmann Offered $100,000 To Join An Adult Subscription Site

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There’s nothing new about women in sports collecting huge checks from a subscription-based platform. What might be new, at least publicly anyway, is a platform reaching out to an athlete with a six figure offer to join their platform.

Swiss soccer player Alisha Lehmann received such an offer Thursday. Up to this point the 24-year-old blonde has been able to avoid making the subscription-based leap.

Although, she has recently started making racier content. Content that she then sells through products like calendars to her 12 million Instagram followers. One such racy photo shoot reportedly cost her a relationship.

Alisha Lehmann
Swiss soccer player receives a six figure offer to join subscription-based platform (Image Credit: Alisha Lehmann/Instagram)

The offer to Lehmann came in the form of an open letter. The vice president of media at My.Club, Mike Ford, wrote the letter and extended the six figure offer.

The letter reads, “I’ve noticed you’ve been generating a lot of buzz recently. Men are thirsting after you on Instagram (hello tennis pro Petros Tsitsipas) and news sites are fawning over your ball…skills.”

“Safe to say, you’re officially alongside Olivia Dunne and Eugenie Bouchard as the most popular female athletes right now.”

Ford is referencing Greek tennis player Petros Tsitsipas appearing to shoot his shot with her recently after she grabbed a tennis racket and tried “Something different.”

Alisha Lehmann

Will The Swiss Soccer Player Take The Platform Up On Their Offer?

The letter to Lehmann continued, “Given your growing legion of fan (which will only increase as the World Cup approaches this summer) My.Club – an adult premium subscription platform for content creators – would like to extend an offer to you to create an account and join the site.”

“It totally makes sense at this level of popularity to launch your ‘own club’. You can post training photos, thirst traps and personally field questions from fans and not have to deal with people sliding in your DMs 24/7.”

The letter concludes with an offer totaling $100,000. Lehmann would receive $50,000 and the rest of the money would be donated to the Swiss Women’s Super League.

It’s hard not to look around at other athletes who are cashing in and not want to get in on it. Adding $50k for the Swiss soccer league is a really good move on the platform’s part.

She gets a payday, the league gets one, and that’s not even counting the subscriber’s fees that would naturally follow. By my count that’s a win-win-win.

Written by Sean Joseph

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