Soccer Couple Reportedly Called It Quits Over A Racy Calendar Photo Shoot

Love is dead. This isn’t exactly on the level of Tom Brady and Gisele getting divorced – although as noted – Brady’s going to be just fine. However, two Aston Villa soccer players have reportedly called it quits.

Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz, who also is a member of the Brazil national team, and Aston Villa forward Alisha Lehmann, who is a member of the the Switzerland national team, have split and the cause of the breakup is reportedly a calendar photo shoot.

Soccer Couple Reportedly Called It Quits Over A Calendar Photo Shoot
Aston Villa soccer players have called it quits over calendar (Image Credit: Alisha Lehmann/Instagram)

The two went public earlier this year after Alisha caught Douglas’ eye. A source told The Sun, “Douglas was completely smitten with Alisha. When she first arrived, he was like, ‘Who is this girl?'”

Unfortunately a calendar photo shoot was the straw that broke the relationship’s back. The attention she was receiving off the field prior to the photo shoot had already created some issues between the two.

The source explained, “But, sadly, as Alisha became more in demand off the pitch, the cracks started to appear in their relationship.”

“When asked to do a calendar, she jumped at the chance to show off her sexy side but he was not happy. He didn’t think it was something she should be doing. They rowed a lot and in the end Alisha simply had enough.”

Alisha Lehmann Has A Thing For Soccer Players

The report says that Alisha moved out of Douglas’ home after the heated calendar photo shoot argument. He is currently back in Brazil.

If you’re cool with having a hot blonde professional soccer player girlfriend who does calendar photo shoots from time to time then shoot your shot with the rising social media star, if you can call her that. She already has more than 9 million Instagram followers.

Shooting your shot goes for both men and women. She doesn’t limit herself when it comes to her love life, although she does seem to have a thing for soccer players.

Prior to her relationship with Douglas Luiz, she was with her Switzerland national team teammate Ramona Bachmann.

Written by Sean Joseph

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