ABC ‘News’ Blurs Out Trump Donation Number On Podium During Speech

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ABC News’ airings of Donald Trump’s post-arraignment speech from Tuesday appeared noticeably different than clips from other networks.

At Mar-a-Lago, Trump stood in front of a podium that read “TEXT TRUMP AT 88022.”

But on ABC, that message is non-existing. It’s blurred out.

ABC edited out the donation line to Trump’s campaign:

Via ABC News.

The edited version of the podium also appeared in the thumbnail for an ABC News feature of the arraignment on YouTube:

For those wondering, blurring out a campaign text line is not common practice at ABC. Take the broadcasting of Joe Biden on the campaign trail for example:

OutKick requested a comment from ABC “News” to learn more about the decision to blur out Trump’s donation number.

Unfortunately, ABC did not respond to our inquiry.

Essentially, ABC is interfering in the election by purposely derailing donations to the leading Republican candidate’s campaign.

Were the network not hemorrhaging viewers, Trump and his team would have great gripes.

Bobby Burack column: The Media Lies To Us Like We Still Believe Them

ABC is no different than its corporate press contemporaries. It’s merely Disney’s version of NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC:

Left-wing propaganda with an indifference to the truth.

ABC News has contributed to the War on Information, a quest to intercept the spread of factual information.

Perhaps Elon Musk ought to label @ABC as “state-affiliated media” as he did @NPR.

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