Aaron Rodgers Wants To Be A Jet, Bella Twins Are No More, Nashville Birthdays With Mike Gundy, RG3 Got Jokes And Alpha Dads

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We’ll get to Aaron Rodgers’ drawn out decision, March Madness and the Bella twins’ name change in a minute. Besides, what’s the rush? You don’t have to bet the mortgage on a Colgate upset until tomorrow.

While we wait for hoops, let’s catch up. I spent the weekend in Nashville celebrating a few friends and I turning the big 4-0. My wife and three other couples were along for the ride that was a continuous rotation of chicken and waffles, booze, ibuprofen and more booze.

I’ll be spending the rest of the week digesting Joe Rogan YouTube clips in an effort to gain newfound knowledge pertaining to the fight against days old hangovers in your 40s.

This was my second trip to Nashvegas and certainly not my last. There were OutKick meetups, excessive bar tabs and raised cholesterol levels. The SEC men’s basketball tournament was taking place in Nashville at the same time. So, if I weren’t now 40, I’d say things were lit last weekend. But I’ll leave that to the TikTokers.

Also, I have no problem admitting that I was super-touristy and made it a point to spend multiple hours at Kid Rock’s bar (Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse, *this is not a paid endorsement, but feel free to send me some merch!) over two consecutive days. I set up shop here during my last visit to the Music City, too. I imagine the locals hate the spot, but you’re gonna have a tough time preventing me from paying homage to the Devil without a Cause.

Regardless, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I snapped a couple pics that I’ll share momentarily. But first, I need to let everyone know that I’m over-the-moon about turning 40 for one very specific reason. Now that I’m halfway to 80, I can spend the next year channeling my inner Mike Gundy and reminding everyone: “I’m a man, I’m 40!”

Bet your ass I’m going to be wearing out that quote and numerous Gundy gifs for the next 350-odd days.

Still On The Struggle Bus Post-Nashville

I saw no stilettos and plenty of chicks rockin kicks, so this definitely was a Nashville party…

POTUS wasn’t getting much love in the streets of Nashville from this guy or his dog.
Spotted these two girls in the airport. You know you went a bit too hard when you’re sleeping in your friends lap while sprawled across an airport carpet.
I don’t care what the music sounds like. If you wear a vintage Steve Nash jersey on stage, you’ve got my attention.

Bring On March Madness

I’m tossing money on my hometown Youngstown State University Penguins to win it all…in the NIT. And it starts tonight when they play host to the fighting Desmond Mason’s of Oklahoma State. If you thought we were going to talk about that other bracket of 64 teams, sorry to disappoint. That’s Jay Bilas’ job.

But since we’re here and everyone wants to tell you about their bracket in that other tournament, here’s my stance: I gotta be honest, I like my college hoops teams like I like my women: experienced and good ball handlers. That’s why I’m rolling with the mid majors this year. Four year starters is where it’s at. The blue bloods can have their one and dones. Give me some combination of VCU, Iona, Grand Canyon University, Drake, Oral Roberts (obviously), Howard, Northern Kentucky and Kent State to make some noise.

And speaking of hoops…

Oh, and I’ll toss a hundo on whichever team this girl plays for.

Bye, Bye Bella Twins

Nikki and Brie Bella, aka, “the Bella Twins,” are no more. Arguably the hottest tag team in professional wrestling since The Nasty Boys or The Bushwhackers, are ditching their name. Per an interview with PEOPLE: “The twins, who will return to going professionally by their real names Brie Bella and Nikki Garcia, officially announced their departure from the WWE on Tuesday.”

So help me God if Hulk Hogan decides to start going by Terry Bollea.

Aaron Rodgers Is Finally A Jet, Sort Of

In a New York minute, everything can change. Unless you’re Aaron Rodgers. In that case, it’s more like a New York month. At least that’s about how long it seemed to take ARod and the Jets to finally wed after dancing around the altar. The decision was announced this afternoon on the Pat McAfee show. Well, almost. Rodgers told McAfee he wants to be dealt to the Jets and the only thing stopping that from happening is compensation.

Something tells me Green Bay and New York will get it worked out. Anyone know if ayahuasca pairs with a New York slice?

Didn’t Rodgers complain every spring and summer about the Packers’ lack of weapons? Now he wants the Jets to add those SAME weapons as part of his deal?

RG3 Has Jokes

From a current quarterback to a former quarterback – Robert Griffin III. RG3’s been much more entertaining than Rodgers of late. While ARod was sipping ayahuasca in darkness, RG3’s been lighting up social media – he even got an assist from the new Mrs. Darren Waller.

Did We Mention It’s Spring Break?

Nightcaps regular Zach Dean reminded us this morning that it is indeed #springbreakseason via some Fort Lauderdale Oklahoma drills. As if there was any debate, it’s more clear than ever that low man (or woman) wins.

Here’s some more spring breakers proving that they’re in regular season form. You don’t need Flo Rida pumping through your waterproof JBL to confirm this is going down in the dirty south.

What I’m (Not) Eating This Week

My man above seems to be enjoying his suds, but just imagine how much more he’d have enjoyed his drink with a side of footlong potato chips.

Who we kidding, this guy would wisely bypass any food for another few sips of that. But I needed a transition, so here we are.

Yes, that’s a footlong chip at Subway. I’d normally be all about it. But sadly, it was only available yesterday at a Frisco, TX location. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Had this year’s World Baseball Classic been in Frisco, Italy’s players could’ve washed away their Baked Lays with some Espresso…

Since we’re talking baseball now – and things we put into our bodies – why not segway to the only man in Major League Baseball history to have a home run bounce off his head, Jose Canseco.

If you had no recollection of Ozzie’s brother playing with the Rays, you’re not alone.

Visiting The Jersey (Are You) Sure?

That old school Rays BP jersey inspired me to drop my weekly odd jerseys in odd places section of the column here. By now, you should know the drill. Spot an odd jersey – preferably in an odd place – send it my way so we can laugh together. Reach me at anthony.farris@outkick.com or on Twitter: @OhioAF

JJ Redick and Steve Kerr at the same place? Did the Democratic National Convention come early?

Oh, and it’s not a jersey – but OutKick fan John Ladany shot this pic to me of one his prized possessions after seeing a Bart Oates pic in last week’s #nightcaps.

And that’s not just Oates’ John Hancock, this pigskin also has signatures from Harry Carson and the Big Tuna himself, Bill Parcells.

Personally, I’d prefer a signature from a more recent Tuna, Jim Halpert. But that’s just me.

Alpha Dads Announce Their Presence

I’m a dad and also, I’m a man, I’m 40! That being said, I know all about dad’s trying to out alpha one another. It’s not my style, but I see it on the regular when Johnny-two-kids wears his fancy button down to the kids’ Saturday morning (could they schedule a worse time?) sporting events. These dudes nailed the dbags that occupy the bleachers.

Hanging With Hayley

While we’re on the subject of dads, Hugh Grant has five children and no time for pointless award show interviews. OutKick’s Hayley Caronia applauds the actor for his Sunday night Oscars performance.

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Before I buy us another round, let me leave you with a couple shots of enjoyment:

Last Call

Ok, I gotta scoot. I hear there’s an open table at Kid Rock’s.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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