Hugh Grant Gives All-Time Awkward Oscars Interview

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Hugh Grant wasn’t in a talkative mood at all Sunday night during the Oscars.

The famous actor was interviewed by Ashley Graham, and to say it was a train wreck right from the jump would definitely be an understatement.

Hugh Grant gave an incredibly strange and awkward interview Sunday night at the Oscars. He spoke with Ashley Graham and it didn’t go well. (Photo by Richard Harbaugh/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images)

It wasn’t just awkward. The entire exchange was simply painful to watch. At one point, Graham mentioned Grant’s role in the “Knives Out” sequel. For those of you who don’t know, Hugh Grant was in the movie for literally a couple seconds. If you blinked or looked away for a second, you’d miss it. He was quick to remind Ashley Graham of that fact.

“Well, I’m barely in it. I’m it for about three seconds,” Grant responded and claimed he “almost” had fun filming it.

Hugh Grant with the moment of the night.

Props to Hugh Grant. That was easily the most exciting thing to happen at the Oscars since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock last year.

He wanted no part of talking to Ashley Graham. He didn’t even pretend like he did. It was a master class in how to look disinterested.

The moment he stepped away, Hugh Grant flashed a look that said it all. You have to respect someone who doesn’t even pretend to care. People claim celebrities aren’t authentic. That’s pretty true for the most part. It’s not true for Hugh Grant. He kept it as real as possible there.

Hugh Grant does awkward interview with Ashley Graham. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

You also have to love the very not so subtle jab at “Glass Onion.” Whenever a guys says he “almost” had a good time filming it, you know he really didn’t enjoy his time on set.

Again, this is authenticity you can’t buy. He just let it be known he didn’t really enjoy it at all.

Hugh Grant probably didn’t mean to give the internet an all-time great moment, but that’s exactly what he did. Well done, Hugh. Well done.

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