Aaron Rodgers Responds To Raiders Rumors After Davante Adams Tweet

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Ever been getting ready to tee it off when a creepy guy with a cell phone pointed directly at your face whispers your name and asks you a question? Yes? Well then congrats – you have something in common with Aaron Rodgers!

Rodgers was weirdly asked about former teammate Davante Adams’ cryptic tweet earlier this week allegedly wooing his former QB to Las Vegas, and the future Hall of Famer had an A+ response.

Adam responded to a tweet earlier this week asking which neighborhood Rodgers should move into this offseason by simply saying, ‘Mine.’

That, shockingly, set Twitter ABLAZE with all the Rodgers-to-the-Raiders rumors your heart could ever desire.

The 39-year-old QB was then quietly asked about Adams’ apparent pursuit during Saturday’s Pro-Am.

“Aaron, hey … I hear Davante’s looking for a neighbor, bro,” our golf bro asks.

“Tell him to buy me a house,” Rodgers responds. “He’s got all that money now.”

Could Aaron Rodgers team back up with Davante Adams in Las Vegas?

Well, there you have it! Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are reuniting in Las Vegas. CONFIRMED.

Oh, you’re still not buying it? How about now?

Yep, book it. Aaron Rodgers is shipping over to Vegas. Hopefully he brings our girl Blu of Earth with him.

Anyway …

Reports DO say that Rodgers and the Packers are likely to move on from one another this offseason after several seasons of the relationship turning tumultuous. The Packers inexplicably losing to the Detroit Lions in a win-and-in game to end the season probably didn’t help things, either.

Adams, meanwhile, has been in Vegas for a year now and is coming off another dominant season. That, however, was with old buddy Derek Carr at the helm.

Aaron Rodgers responds to Davante Adams.
Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are inseparable. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Carr, if you haven’t been paying attention, is as good as gone, and may be released in the coming days.

That leaves a pretty GIANT opening at the quarterback position in Las Vegas, where Rodgers’ former top receiver just so happens to still be doing his thing.

Combine that with the fact that Tommy Brady hung ’em up (again) earlier this week, and it feels like a no-brainer.

Make it happen, Mark Davis!

Written by Zach Dean

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