Aaron Rodgers Reflects On Relationship With Danica Patrick, Their Meditation Techniques

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Aaron Rodgers’ jump to the hipster, meditating, psychoactive brew sipping side of life seems to have been a relatively quick one on the surface. Many point to his now called-off engagement with very well-known hippie actress Shailene Woodley as to when Rodgers started looking within.

That isn’t exactly the case, however, he was on this new journey back when he was dating Danica Patrick.

The Green Bay QB hasn’t spoken much at all about his past relationship with Patrick – the two split in July 2020 – but he reflected on their romance during a recent appearance on the ‘Aubrey Marcus Podcast.’

Rodgers and Patrick were practicing their own meditation techniques together.

“I was dating Danica, and that relationship was great for me because she is on her own journey and spirituality is important to her,” Rodgers explained on the podcast.

“We both were finding our way, learning about different things [and] practicing meditation techniques.”

Rodgers has to be the first-ever NFL player to utter the words “we both were finding our way” and “practicing meditation techniques” in the same sentence.

The 38-year-old Rodgers has certainly taken his spiritual journey to the next level over the past couple of years following his split with Patrick.

After dating Woodley, who makes her own ‘medicine’ and was arrested for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, Rodgers has since moved on to dating a woman who goes by the name of Blu of Earth. He’s gone from AA baseball to batting cleanup for the Yankees, so to speak.



Blu of Earth reportedly changed her birth name Charlotte Brereton to her new Instagram name and self-describes herself as a “witch” and “claims she’s a medicine woman.”

Rodgers’ new lady friend also inspired him to get a sizable astrology tattoo on his left forearm that’s only meant to be understood by himself and his fellow “students of astrology.”

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