Aaron Rodgers And The Jets Could Make Mike Greenberg Drop An On-Air F-Bomb

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Make sure if you have small kids you’re hands are within ear-muffing reach, because Mike Greenberg said he might drop an F-bomb on-air for the first time in his broadcasting career.

Greenberg was speaking to Pat McAfee — a man who is no stranger to dropping some four-letter words on various broadcast mediums — on an episode of The Pat McAfee Show. The conversation veered to the Aaron Rodgers/New York Jets situation.

The former Mike & Mike co-host appears to have had about as much as he can take of the two parties’ “will they, won’t they” offseason courtship. It’s the NFL’s version of Jim and Pam on The Office.

Hopefully, it ends soon and doesn’t stick around 5 seasons too long like that one did.

“I actually thought of this when I was getting set to come on,” Greenberg said. “I’ve never cursed on the air in my life — in my entire life. I’ve been a professional broadcaster since 1990 and I have never cursed on the air.”

Congrats to Mike Greenberg on his no-swearing Iron Man streak.

However, his more than 30-year streak could be coming to an end. Greenberg explained how Rodgers and the Jets are putting his decades of clean on-air language in jeopardy.

“If the Jets don’t get Aaron Rodgers — if somehow this thing winds up that he either retires or plays on another team —I will come on this show and I will say the F-Word out loud.”

Careful there, Greeny. Maybe start with words like “ass,” or “damn” before you swing for the fences and try to drop an F-bomb. He may even want to really throw the training wheels and say “crap” a couple of times.

Let’s not run before we can walk.

If Rodgers does finally become a Jet, Greenberg said he’ll still go on McAfee’s show and drop an F-bomb, but only if the Jets get to the Super Bowl.

So, then I guess that means Greenberg will only be snapping his no-swearing-on-the-air-streak if Rodgers doesn’t sign in New York.

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