Aaron Judge Responds To “Arson Judge” Viral Tweet On Podcast With Mookie Betts

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Yankees fans call him Aaron Judge, while everyone else calls him “Arson Judge.”

For the all time American League home run leader, Judge understands that being one of the most dominant players the game’s ever seen is going to come with some backlash.

When Judge was making his decision last year of whether he was going to stay with the Yankees or in fact head to the west coast to the Dodgers or Giants, MLB reporter Jon Heyman ‘mistakenly’ referred to Aaron as “Arson,” thus setting up one of the more funny sports memes in recent history.

I still don’t know how one gets Arson from Aaron on a keyboard. It’s close but not THAT close. And oh yeah, it’s pretty damn funny.

This past week, Judge reacted to the viral meme that jealous haters used to sum up his 9-year, $360 million contract during an appearance on the On Base with Mookie Betts podcast.

“It was funny. That tweet kind of blew up a little bit. I started getting a couple of text messages from family and friends, with the Yankees, kind of asking “what’s going on?” Judge told Betts.

“Yeah, Arson Judge. I haven’t seen his stats yet with the Giants,” Judge joked with Betts who responded “Me either, but they [Arson] has to be pretty good though.” 

So far the Yankees ransom money has been well spent on Judge. He’s once again one of the best hitters in baseball with 18 homers, 39 RBI, and 50 hits – and that includes a stint on the IL.

The good news for Aaron however is that “Arson Judge” may not be around for too long. That’s because Shohei “Show-Me-The-Money” Ohtani is due up for what is expected to be a record setting new contract this offseason.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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