MSNBC Says It’s White Privilege to Worry About Inflation and Gas Prices

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If you are worried about inflation or gas prices, I sincerely hope you are not a white person. If so, you are benefiting to white privilege. That is according to MSNBC.

Network host Zerlina Maxwell declared that these are issues only of the concern of white people, and she’s sick of it.

“Inflation, it’s almost a privilege to care about inflation as your number one issue, uh, the same is true of gas prices, or even the idea that it’s the economy stupid,” Maxwell said to some viewers.

She proclaims white people care about filling their tanks while she, as a black woman, has concerns about getting “killed on the way to [her] job.”

“There are so much broader things going on right now in this country that affects so many demographics, that the dollars to cents case that has been made time and again, like you said, it’s the economy stupid, there’s a blind spot there, and you’ll notice that the majority of people who make that statement are generally white,” Maxwell adds.

If you need proof that these quotes are not satirical, here’s the full segment:

You might wonder why Maxwell failed to cite any polling during her declaration. Well, citing facts would have been counterproductive. It would have contradicted her entire hypothesis.

MSNBC’s own parent company, NBC News, found via polling that “economic issues dominate as the top issue for voters.” And a separate poll from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies learned that black Americans — not just privileged whites — are “deeply concerned about the economy.”

Zerlina Maxwell during a race-bait.

Luckily for Maxwell, as we explained, the truth does not matter anymore — especially to media personalities.

It’s unclear if Maxwell and MSNBC are trying to deflect blame away from the Biden administration, race-baiting, or just not too bright. Any ideas?

MSNBC has gone completely off its rocker. Earlier this week, an MSNBC regular, an odd character named Elie Mystal, called Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker a GOP-owned “negro” on air and then called any white person who supports Walker a racist.

You know content has gone sideways at the network when the wacky headlines don’t include Joy Reid or Rachel Maddow.

It takes a special type of tomfoolery to top those two ladies — such as calling those worried about paying for rent and daycare a bunch of privileged, maybe even racist, Americans.

I sure hope there aren’t any white people still worried about inflation or gas prices after that segment on MSNBC.

Written by Bobby Burack

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