Former Colorado Player Accuses Deion Sanders Of Blocking His Practice Film

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Former Colorado football player Zachary Courtney is struggling to get coaches his practice film.

The former three star tight end recruit hopped into the portal last week after appearing in two games in 2022. He has four years of eligibility remaining.

However, not being able to show coaches any film is a bit of a problem. The young tight end tweeted Tuesday that Deion Sanders won’t allow him to share any of his practice film from last season.

Instead, coaches interested in Courtney’s services will just have to “text” him. He tweeted, “This is very unlucky and if you have any questions just text me!”

Courtney sent a full up tweet clarifying he wasn’t taking a shot at Deion Sanders. He was simply explaining the situation.

Deion Sanders and Colorado have experienced a mass exodus.

Colorado has seen a flood of players leave the program under Deion Sanders’ leadership. He vowed a reset was coming, and he’s getting it.

As of Wednesday morning, 22 Colorado players have entered the transfer portal since the team’s spring game, according to CBS Sports. Overall, more than 40 players have left since Deion Sanders was hired.

It’s not simply a mass exodus. Players appear to be fleeing, and in at least Courtney’s case, he isn’t allowed to have any film to give coaches.

The wildest part about his claim is it’s film from last year being blocked – not this year. It’s more than understandable to block new film showing Deion Sanders’ schemes and such. Why would Deion care what film from before he got there showed?

Colorado went 1-11 in 2022. There’s nothing on that film worth protecting.

Former Colorado player claims Deion Sanders is blocking his practice film from being released. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

College football fans were promised a show in Boulder. So far, Deion Sanders and the passion (chaos?) around the program hasn’t disappointed. Change is underway, and fans will find out week one whether or not it’s going to pay off.

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